Last update: July -01- 2020

Amazon Prime video Mod Apk is a modified Apk version of the original Amazon Prime app. Amazon Prime video Mod Apk consists of much better and advanced features with respect to the original Amazon Prime app. Also, the paid features in the original app get unlocked in the Amazon Prime Mod Apk. So, by using Amazon Prime Mod Apk you can get access to the paid facilities and features that the original apk provides only to some specific users (Paid users or Premium users).

However, there are high risks of malware and other viruses associated with such modded versions of original apks.

What is mod apk?

Mod apk is the abbreviation of modified apk. Mod apks also known as Modded apks are the modified and changed version of the original apks. These apk files are not provided by the original publisher but developed by some third-party programmers (or rather hackers). The features present in the original apps are modified and enhanced in these mod apks of the original version. As a result, many paid features which couldn’t be accessed in the original apks can now be utilised in the modded apks at free of cost. This is the main reason why mod apks are built and popular on the internet.

In the original versions of the apps, there are some in-app purchases and other extraordinary features which can only be accessed by the paid or premium users i.e. people possessing premium memberships. As a result, many people who cannot afford to purchase such memberships are excluded from enjoying these features. Thus comes the necessity for the introduction of free modded apks.

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What is Amazon Prime video Mod Apk?

As already discussed about the mod apks, Amazon Prime Mod Apk is one such modded apk of the original version of Amazon Prime app. Amazon Prime is considered to be one of the finest applications for video, music streaming; popular movie, TV show and game downloads and many more. But not all type of movie, TV show or game can be downloaded. The paid applications cannot be viewed or downloaded in the original version of Amazon Prime apk. Due to this reason, many consumers who cannot meet the expense of the original version of Amazon Prime fail to stream over their favourite shows and games. So, third-party developers came up with a solution to this problem. They introduced the Amazon Prime video cracked Apk which provides all the paid features and characteristics of the original version of the app at free of cost. So, in one word, Amazon Prime Mod Apk can be referred to as the modified version of the original Amazon Prime app which provides better features and gives access to the paid features of the original version of the apk at no charge.

How to download Amazon Prime Mod Apk?

We are sharing the original amazon prime video mod apk for your readers by direct download links. By clicking below link you can download the Amazon Prime Mod Apk. You will never ever get the modded version of any app on the Google Play store or Appstore as because neither Google nor Apple nor Microsoft allows the permit to these apps to be available on these platforms.

As soon as you download the mod version of the original apk through the browser, you will be asked to install the app. Install the app and then you are just ready to go streaming on the Amazon Prime app.

Risks associated with Amazon Prime Mod Apk

Since the mod apks are not provided by the authentic Apk publishers, there may be a potential risk of malware being attached to them. These mod apks are developed by the third-party programmers or hackers. Similarly, the Amazon Prime Mod Apk is not provided by the original publisher. In other words, the modded version of the Amazon Prime app is not provided by Amazon itself. It is offered by some outsider programmer or hacker. As a result, there can be a presence of malware in the mod apk version of the Amazon Prime app. So, your mobile can be at high risk of getting attacked by malware.


Similar to a coin having two sides, modded apks are also provided with various advantages and disadvantages. Though the mod apks can provide you with paid features at free of cost, it can also be attached with highly malicious wares which can hack all your credentials from your phone. So, only after judging the merits and demerits of the mod apks with respect to the original version of the apps, make your decision and take the corresponding step.


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