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Clash of Clans Update Apk

Clash of Clans Update Apk v11.185.13

Clash of Clans Updated APK v11.185.13 [February 2023]

Clash of Clans is an epic strategy game or a fantasy-themed online multiplayer game in which the player is the head of a clan or village. Players can build their own army troops and attack other villages to get resources which help them further in the game. The main resources in the game are gold, elixir and dark elixir. As the clash of clans update apk is an online game so the users can chat with each other. Players can donate, receive or exchange army troops. Players can make a group up to fifty people.

Story line: The game surrounds around two phases. In the first phase, the user has to build a village and get some army soldiers and train them. In the second phase, the player has to achieve for what was he working in the previous phase. Now, the user has to attack another village and if wins he can earn different resources.

The game gives us the opportunity to select one unit from ten types of the unit provided to us. We can improve the units and gain more power and defence but with money. We can also build villages and make them more and more defensive because someone is gonna attack us sooner or later.
If you don’t want your city to be destructed by someone else then better keep it secure.

What’s new on Clash of clans update February 2023

COC has added more amazing features in addition to those mentioned above. One of the ultra cool features of this game is that it is free and the updated clash of clans is fully optimized for Android services for better gameplay.

Below we will be discussing about the new cool features of clash and clans game:

  • Now you can upgrade to new Town Hall 12.
  • In updated coc, you can use the power of Siege Machines to nail your opponents in the tough areas of the game.
  • If you work together in co then you can earn more valuable rewards.
  • Now the Archery Tower is 2x more powerful in terms of speed and attack etc.
  • Multiple Mortar can shoot 5 bullets quickly which will is like impossible to dodge.
  • A new hero master builder can be unlocked when builder’s workshop reaches level 5
  • New troops have been added such as a bomber, which are powerful and enriched with amazing features

How to Download the Latest Version of the Clash of Clans Apk

Here are the steps required to download updated clash of clans apk:

  1. Click the Download Button Below or Go to Play store to download the updated coc apk.
  2. Open the app in your device and install the game.
  3. Setup your profile if you are a new user.
  4. Join your friend’s clan and start playing.

File Size = 96 MB

Download Button


A working internet connection is required to play the game


Since you are going to install the clash of clans update apk you have to allow your phone to install them from unknown sources.

Please follow the steps below:

Step-1: Go to Settings > security.

netflix mod apk

Step: 2: Turn on the “allow applications to install from the unknown sources

netflix mod apk

You can download the clash of clans latest update APK for free. This app requires an internet connection to play. This game represents the story of the struggle and hard work between cleaning the past. You will be the head of the clan, from which you have to build the village and train army troops to shield the village. You can also attack another village to achieve different rewards such as natural resources and wealth of the village. For a powerful and defensive village, you must have the latest equipment such as canons etc.


This thread explained you about all new features of the clash of clans. Now, it’s your time to grab your device and test these ultra cool new features in the clash of clans game.

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