Hi welcome to techola. In this article I am going to say about the step by step guide for how to delete the snapchat account permanently. You have been searched like the following terms in the search engines delete snapchat, how to delete snapchat, delete snapchat account, snapchat delete, how to delete your snapchat and how do you delete snapchat and not get the correct way to delete the snapchat account but then now you reached a correct place to get the correct information.

Snapchat is an social network application. It is a fun entertainment social network media. You can share snaps with your friends. This social media is used by majority of the americans. If you think just snapchat is not useful you have to delete your snapchat account permanently. Read this full article to know how to delete snapchat account permanently.

Reasons for delete snapchat account permanently

  • Account was hacked.
  • Wasting your valuable time.
  • Not useful for you.
  • Drains your battery. This is a fact when you use snapchat it will drains your battery usage fastly. So my advise is don’t use snapchat when you are traveling.
  •  You have another account so you shift your account.

Snapchat introduces a new version few weeks ago. The features of this new version is looks amazing. The new features are not seen in any social medias.The features are listed in the below topic.

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Features of latest version snapchat

How to delete snapchat
How to delete snapchat

Snapchat allows you to find the snapchat users near by by selecting the areas in the map. The bugs are fixed so snapchat login is done by without any disturbance. The latest version was very fast when compared to old version. You can download latest version snapchat by clicking the below app-box.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Now we enter the topic about delete snapchat account permanently.

How to delete snapchat account permanently

There are two methods to delete snapchat profile permanently. I have given two methods for the question how do i delete my snapchat account or profile.

1 Method – 1

  • Connect your smart phone with internet.
  • Open snapchat application.
  • Click your profile icon.
  • Now you click the gear icon which is described in the below image.
Delete snapchat account
Delete snapchat account
  • Tap logout option. Now your account will be successfully loged out.

Above steps are to log out snapchat account now the deleting snapchat account is done when the logout is finished. The steps to delete snapchat account is given below.

  • Go to snapchat delete account page by click here.
  • Now you will be redirect to snapchat login page. You have to login to your snapchat by giving username/gmail and password.
  • When you entered your gmail and password in the respective place you will click the login button. You will see a message which is shown below in the image.
delete snapchat account
delete snapchat account
  • Again you have to give your email and password to confirm the deleting snapchat account. Click continue.
  • Your snapchat account will be deactivated for 30 days then you can reactivate your account within the 30 days. After 30 days your snapchat account will be deleted permanently.

Method – 2

  • Go to snapchat official site by click here.
  • Scroll down then you have to select the support under community.
how to delete snapchat profile
how to delete snapchat profile
  • The steps are described in the below image.
delete snapchat
delete snapchat
delete snapchat
delete snapchat






  • Then click the delete my account option. Then you receive a message and click the link to delete snapchat account permanently in a safe way. This step is described in the below image.
snapchat delete account
snapchat delete account
  • Your account will be deleted in 30 days. Until 30 days your account will be deactivated. You can reactivate your snapchat within the time period of 30 days. After 30 days your account will be deleted successfully.

Can you deactivate snapchat account?

My answer is no. Like other social medias snapchat has not the feature of deactivate.


In this article You have been learned the topics such as how do i delete my snapchat account,  how to delete a snapchat account, deleting snapchat account, delete my snapchat account, how to delete snapchat account android and iOS, can you delete a snapchat account  and Can you deactivate snapchat account. I think you have delete your snapchat account. If you have any doubts in this concept or tech related doubts please drop your comments in the comment section located below. You can share this article by means of social media.



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