How to Unblock Demonoid | Demonoid Proxy List 2020

Demonoid Proxy

Today at, we will provide you with the latest Demonoid Proxy list to access Demonoid. But, If you are facing problems with proxies. We will also show you different ways or methods by which you will be able to access Demonoid easily without any hassle.

Wondering that what is Demonoid?

Don’t worry, we will be covering all the stuff & questions related to the Demonoid & Demonoid Proxy List.

Demonoid Proxy

What is Demonoid?

So, Demonoid is a torrent website which provides you torrents of movies, songs, courses, games, Softwares and other stuff.

Demonoid is very popular because It is available for a long time. It contains millions of torrents and also has a large user database.

Most countries consider torrent sharing illegal. That’s why Demonoid is banned in most countries and users face difficulties while accessing Demonoid.

How to Access Demonoid & Demonoid Proxy List

In this post, we will give you the latest & working Demonoid Proxy List. Moreover, we will also be providing you with the mirror and other proxy sites to access Demonoid.

In case, the proxies won’t work for you then we have discovered some ways to access Demonoid without any hassle.

Demonoid Proxy List 2020 – Working 100%

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Below we are sharing some Demonoid Proxy sites and Demonoid proxy list by which you can access Demonoid easily in any region of the world.

Oh, wait!

Feeling sorry for you but there are no proxies present which can unlock Demonoid. The fact is that nobody even knows that Demonoid real site still exists or not.

All the proxies available on the internet are crap that will not work for you. But there is still some mirror sites which will open Demonoid for you.

Following are some Mirror Sites by which you can access Demonoid easily.

Disclaimer: Please Turn on your Adblocker before visiting any of the sites below.


Method #2 – Use VPNs

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If the above sites won’t open for you then there is a solution. You can use VPNs to access Demonoid.

Might be wondering where to get VPNs? This is not a big deal. You will find thousands of free VPNs for both Windows and Android Devices.

VPNs For Windows Users:

Image result for windows logo

If you are on windows, then we will recommend you to use following free VPNs:

  • Hotspot Sheild VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • Avira Phantom VPN
  • Betternet VPN

There are many other VPNs available too but we will recommend above as these are the most used VPNs for Windows

VPNs for Android Users

Related image

If you are Android user then this is too easy, just simply go to PlayStore and search for VPNs.

But we are showing you some of them below:

  • ExpressVPN
  • ZPN Connect
  • DroidVPN
  • OpenVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • YogaVPN

What if none of them methods work?

So, yo might be thinking that what should I do if none of the above method works?

So, what you should do is stick to the Reddit forum of Demonoid. There, they keep you updated about Demonoid.

Moreover, they also keep telling new mirrors for Demonoid.

You can join Demonoid Subreddit on Reddit through this link


Alternatives to Demonoid

There are some other sites like Demonoid where you can get Torrents. We are sharing them below:

Disclaimer: Please Turn on your Adblocker before visiting any of the sites below.

► General public trackers: –

► Popular sites for books

Library Genesis (
mirror –

Magazines –


► Courses / Tutorials

► Web development – A lot of Web Development stuff.

► Games

► Movies

► Anime

► Music – Visit to join.

► Direct Download Sites (general) – (films/series) – general releases


I hope that you have enjoyed while reading today’s post by We have put a lot of work in this post as you can see this is a bunch of information plus alternatives etc.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and also leave your feedback in the comment section below.


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