You are well aware about the pandemic corona virus which spreading rapidly all over the world, when it comes to India there have not been seen many cases but still there are more than 200 positive cases of corona virus, which is not a big number for a country where over 1.3billion people reside, still the virus spreads through water droplets and contact so its always better for a country like India to take several precautions to minimize the spreading and just avoid as much as the public can because once the numbers get higher people will be in a panicking situation all over the country.

According to the government many precautions are been taken to avoid dangerous corona virus. So many companies like jio airtel have started their own caller tune to spread awareness about the deadly virus.
Corona Virus is a family of viruses that range from common cold to meres corona virus, which is middle east respiratory syndrome corona virus and scars, serve acute respiratory syndrome corona virus. It comes from animals and communication between humans or spill over events .Corona virus spreads various disease in humans and animals as well and is mostly effected by birds and mammals.

Ministry of Health

So, the Ministry of health has requested the departments of communication to prevent a 30 second caller tune on corona virus to aware people. At the start of the caller tune a coughing sound which is then instructed with information on to avoid the spread of corona virus. Due to corona virus all the normal caller tunes have been disabled and normal messages are started with instructions to avoid corona virus. People are not delighted about the caller tune set by the companies to avoid corona virus tune.
So, this initiatives of making a caller tune on corona virus awareness has not gone well with the users as the users are finding it very repeated on slaught that every time the caller is calling has to bear an annoying snout of the same messages of the virus. Many of the users are trying to find a way out so that they do not GRT to listen the same message every time they call someone.


So to avoid this message while calling someone take few steps as-

  • Dial the no which is desired only.
  • As soon as the message of corona virus alert commence press the button 1 to avoid the messages.
  • As soon the caller presses one the corona virus alert message will not play further and you can listen to the normal caller tune.

With the increase of no of cases of corona virus in India the message with the information containing precautionary measures to avoid corona virus, it says cover your face with the tissue handkerchief or your shoulder while sneezing or coughing. It is very important to wash the hands properly with handwash in every 15 to 20 minutes duration. And sanitize your hand in every few minutes. Maintain a safe distance from people have any sort of cold cough or fever .So listening this every time you call someone is irritating to listen while you are in a really important call or in an emergency and you need help so this message should be avoided .

Well in this situation, we as a citizen should be standing together and should totally cooperate the rules and regulations set by the government of India. The thing is that there are several rumours going on all over the country and social media platform which basically misleads people and that is not at all appropriate for a situation where over 10,000 people are dead just because of a this deadly virus.

Recently you must have been through the news or social media posts that people in Italy also neglected and took the situation very lightly but the thing that has shocked the world i.e. since last 7 days more than 1000 people have died which is even more than China’sdeath counts as per recent updates.

So, if you are irritated by the caller tune of the corona virus precautions then it is quite obvious but the thing is you need to follow the precautions otherwise not only you will suffer but also people around will and some them could be your loved ones or even your family, so be alert.


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