Virtual Numbers for Whatsapp: Want to create whatsapp with virtual numbers?, yes. In Techola we are going to share the 100% working method to create whatsapp with virtual number.

Whatsapp is the best instant messaging application for android and iPhone. It is the most downloaded app in the google play store. Everyone must have the whatsapp account now a days to share any useful information to the people. It makes our boring time as fun.

Whatsapp account can be created by only by the mobile number of the user. the only chance to be anonymous in whatsapp is by creating whatsapp with virtual numbers. Whatsapp with USA number😮. lets see the virtual numbers for whatsapp providers in the internet.

Virtual Number for Whatsapp 2020

Let have a look at the list of best virtual numbers for creating whatsapp which is still working 2018. We review both the paid and free virtual numbers for whatsapp providers.

1. Hushed (Paid)

It is the best virtual number for whatsapp provider and it is the paid tool. You have to buy the virtual number for you. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can get a 3 days trial of the US and Canada number when you installed the application for the first time. The download links are below.

For android:

For iOS:


Virtual Number for Whatsapp 2018
Virtual Number for Whatsapp 2018

This is the best and popular virtual phone number provider. The receiving speed is also high compared with other websites. It is the popular virtual number provider so the numbers in this website are used by someone so try another virtual number providers.

Visit website


Virtual Number for Whatsapp 2018
Virtual Number for Whatsapp 2018

It is also one of the best virtual number provider website. The phone numbers are updated twice a week. My friends are using this website because many new numbers are available. the only disadvantage is sometimes the numbers goes offline.

Note: Private numbers are also available in this website at low costs.

Visit Website 


Create Whatsapp with virtual number
Create Whatsapp with virtual number

Most of the time the phone numbers are offline. It takes over 30 minutes to receive the OTP to create gmail account which irritates me.

Visit Website


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