iMessage for Windows:  Hi welcome everybody to techola. Today I am going to give the guide for using imessage on windows. iMessage is the instant fast messaging developed by the apple Inc. It is working on iphone and windows. Using my great step by step guide to know to download the imessage for windows and install the imessage on windows. Now we enter into the article imessage for pc.

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What is imessage?

imessage is the messaging service application in the iphone. This application is supported in the iOS 5.0 and above. This is the best messaging service that send the message to the receiver in a fraction of time. This messaging service  is first started in the June 6, 2011. The amazing features of the imessage is you can send the text, images, videos, document and contact information over internet. The message is sent very quick it does not shows any pending. This iMessage is runs faster in the iOS 5.0 and after. Now we enter into the guide to run imessage on pc.

How to Use iMessage on PC

There are three methods to use the imessage on pc. The first method is based on chrome remote desktop, the second method is using bluestacks and the last method is using ipadian.

Method – 1: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

This is the easy method to use the imessage on pc. The steps with screenshots are given below.

  • Go to chrome web store and search chrome remote desktop.
  • If you find any difficulty in the above step click the below button that will go to chrome web store.

Download chrome remote desktop

How to use imessage on windows
How to use imessage on windows
  • Click the add to chrome button as given in the above image.
  • Install the chrome remote desktop.
  • Click the launch app in the browser tab.
  • In this step you have to open your mac and download the Chrome remote desktop host installer.
  • Accept the terms and service and the install the host installer.
  • In order to remote access your mac give any password.
  • Go to your windows and connect your windows and mac.
  • Share the file(imessage) and install the software.
  • Thats all!!. Now you are ready to use imessage on pc by chrome book.
Note: This method is only for google chrome users.

Method – 2: Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is used to run the imessage in pc. The steps are given below.

imessage on windows
imessage on windows
  • The link will moves you to bluestacks official site. There you can download the original bluestacks emulator.
  • Install the bluestacks emulator on your pc.
  • Go to app store then download the imessage and then install via bluestacks.
  • Then you can start chatting with your friends and family members on pc.

Method – 3: Using ipadian

This method is not free it requires some cost. This is the very easy process to run the imessage in pc. The steps are given below.

  • Visit ipadian official site by click here.
  • Download the ipadian for windows.
  • Pay 20$ for download the application.
  • Using the ipadian you can access any iphone apps in windows PC. This is like a bluestacks.
  • The below youtube video shows the experience of the ipadian.


Using my great guide you can use the imessage in windows 10. Share this article to your friends and family members. If you have any doubts in this topic or other tech related drop your comments in the comments section given below. Thanks for reading.


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