Incredible Cable Services of Charter Spectrum for the Residents of Wilmington NC

Incredible Cable Services of Charter Spectrum
Incredible Cable Services of Charter Spectrum

Wilmington, the port city of North Carolina, is known as the gateway to Cape Fear Coast beaches. Some of these beaches are Carolina and Wrightsville which are best for surfing. As it’s a beach city, a significant number of people prefer the city for living purpose with already having many tourist attractions. Like any other living commodities, cable services are also provided by various companies. Currently, there are many top providers that are active in the city. Some of them are AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Comcast, and Optimum. All of them have their price listing according to the level of the services. Here, in this article we will discuss the cable services of Charter Spectrum in Wilmington NC.

What does Wilmington Residents Need?

Before going into details, we should know that what type of cable services are the people living in the city wants? Mostly, there are residential customers in the town along with a tourist industry. Living in a tourist city is a bit expensive than other urban areas of the US. So they need the excellent quality of services but within the range of the budget. This cost-effective factor should be available for all cable services, e.g., the internet, TV, and Voice. Considering this requirement, we will evaluate the services of Charter Spectrum in Wilmington NC.

Spectrum Triple Play Packages:

Spectrum offers the packages that provide maximum optimization of cable services within the lowest possible price. For all of its services, it has a unique package range that is known as Triple Play.

It is further divided into three packages.

⦁ Triple Play Select:
This package offers
⦁ 125+ Free HD channels
⦁ Channels like HBO, CNN, ESPN, NBC, and ABC.
⦁ 100 Mbps internet connection
⦁ Unlimited internet data enough for the family
⦁ Free unlimited local calling in the US

Triple Play Silver:

  • 175+ Free HD channels
  • Many premium channels like HBO+, Show Time, and Cinemax.
  • 100 Mbps internet connection
  • Unlimited internet data
  • Unlimited free local calling in the US

Triple Play Gold:

  • Best for TV lovers
  • 200+ Free HD channels
  • Premium channels like Starz Encore, Starz, and Movie Time.
  • 100 Mbps internet speed
  • Unlimited data for internet
  • Free local calling in the US

Features That All Packages Have:

Besides these features, there are many additional features that charter spectrum cable provides with all Triple Play packages. Most of them are free which saves a lot of bucks for customers.

Free Wi-Fi Modem:

With any of the packages, Charter provides Wi-Fi modem to its customers for without any cost. Other companies in the city charge the customer for any additional equipment.

Free Installation:

Charter does the installation of its cable services without any charges. That installation is not just fixing the router in the house; instead, it will cover every room in the house where installation needs to be done.

Free DVR:

DVR is the widely used feature by TV users. Charter offers thousands of hours of free DVR along with simultaneous recording of up to 4 channels. Users can watch their recorded shows with more comfort.

Spectrum TV App:

Spectrum TV app for Android and IOS is the alternate way to watch TV. It allows the customers to watch live streaming up to 38 channels and countless shows on the app. Also, this app can be used to control any of the Spectrum devices in the home.

Free Public Hotspot:

It has a nationwide network of free public Wi-Fi hotspots. These hotspots are available on all familiar dining halls, public parks, shopping areas, terminals, and community centers. Customers will find the Spectrum Wi-Fi or Charter Wi-Fi in the list. They can connect to it using their Spectrum ID and password.

Free Online Security Suite:

Due to the ongoing danger of online threats and malware, charter spectrum cable has provided free online Security Suite to the customers. This suite automatically secures the devices from any unauthorized attempt to breach the system. It also installs the latest security updates automatically. So despite buying an expensive Security Suite, customers rely on the secure suite given by Charter.

Planning to Move in Wilmington?

If you have moved recently or planning to move to Wilmington, Charter will help you to establish your cable services before you settle in. Charter helps the new customers to drive to their new destination. Charter official website has a dedicated section about moving plan. You can get all required information for a smooth moving. Moreover, Charter will help you with contract buyout from your existing provider. For more details about moving, visit the moving section of the site.

Find a Charter Store nearby:

We can conclude that Charter Spectrum in Wilmington NC provides the best cable services for the residential users. Fulfilling all the aspects of the users’ requirements is a sign of efficient service. To get any of its services, call charter customer center or visit any nearby Charter store. You can find the nearest store by mentioning your address at Charter website.


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