Restrooms near me: Want to search the restrooms near you?, Here is the guide to find restrooms near your exact location.

If you are travelling in the unknown region and its the time to use the restrooms nearby you, Google and some applications let you to find the restrooms nearby you for free. For finding the bathrooms nearby you follow our two best methods.

1. Finding bathrooms nearby by Google

Did you know in the google shows the bathrooms nearby you. In the search results it displays the bathrooms and its ratings.

Type “Restrooms nearby me” in the google search.

Note: don't search in the incognito.

The nearby bathrooms are displayed at first. The screenshot is below.

Bathrooms nearby
Bathrooms nearby

Select any one of the toilet and google locate it in the map.

2. By using External Applications

Some applications finds the restrooms near your current location.

For Android:

Toilet Finder
Toilet Finder
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

For iOS:

‎Toilet Finder
‎Toilet Finder
Price: Gratis

Wrapping up

I hope finally you got the nearby restrooms. Share if you loved this post. Thanks for reading.


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