Last update: February 2018 alternatives: sucks? No worries, In techola we will show you the best bookzz alternatives or best sites like bookzz to download eBooks online free!.

Book reading is the only addiction which has been considered right; Books ablazes the mind and soul of its reader to an extent that nothing else can. Books are your best friend and by the way who needs a friend when you have a spellbinding book with you?! In the chaos of life, books are our ultimate solace. Book-reading culture unluckily is withering gradually but not completely; and there are still innumerable bookaholics who are barmy towards book reading. Where everything is technology-driven then how come books would remain afar from this? There are times when you manage to buy your favorite book and relish reading whilst travelling, walking or before sleeping; but the love for book reading varies and what if you didn’t buy a book? Then E-books are saviors and you don’t have to worry about your reading being missed. If you’re an unwavering avid reader then it doesn’t matter if you’re having a book in your hand or you are enlightened by an e-book. There are some amazing websites which offers bouts of your favorite books/series, and here we’ll discuss 10 enthralling websites.

Best alternatives (Sites like bookzz)

These are the best sites like bookzz for downloading free eBooks which are working 100%. 

1. Google Play Book

Google is renowned for offering incessant learning possibilities. Google play book is a digital e-book distribution service looked by Google. You can download or purchase books of any genre: from science-fiction to romance, business to travelogues, literature, biography, comic books, health and what not? One can access free books from huge collection by going to the book section and click on free section to cherish absolutely free books to read, of your choice. There are reviews and ratings too, for your ease.

2. Bookboon

As has shut down owing to piracy concerns, many bookaholics felt heart-wrenched, but thanks to the other websites like Bookboon which offers humongous books to its readers and is currently the largest online ebook publishing company. This website has various educational textbook’s related stuff, business-driven and travel guide books. Catchy interface and usability is another pro of Bookboon. Without registration you can go to roller coaster ride of your favorite books.


After org closure another website which is has come into existence with a different domain name and offers the same functionalities and downloading method. It comprises 2,780,670 books and 52,429,917 articles and that too free of cost.


Scribd is a very famous digital library, and it also comes with audio and e-book subscription which include more than one million titles. Whilst subscription you can access to 3 books and 1 audio book. One can access magazine and documents freely but that just too for 30 days.

5. Library Genesis (libgen)

Libgen proxy sites - Libgen unblocked

This website is solely Russia based. Sci-fi fans, or people who are into science would deem it a savior as one can easily search science related books and stuff by just typing onto their search engine. Navigating books or science articles by using a search engine in itself is satisfying. If library genesis blocked in your country try the library genesis proxy to unlock it.

6. BookSc

It matches Bookzz and and is certainly useful to download books of various writer prodigies. All bookaholics! Do check BookSc, nevertheless you don’t want to miss out any chance to remain dumbstruck and not read enough.

7. Getfreeebook

 It is another best alternative to Bookzz. Books of famous writers and all genres are available: from novels to fiction, business to educational endeavors, computers to latest technology! You can search and read them whenever you want and make the most of your spare time constructively.

8. Open Library

As the name suggests it’s an open platform for anyone like Wikipedia. You can download and add correction to the books you think needs editing. An open source library with bouts of books. One can search by just writing the name of author, subject or title. It offers access to over one million e-books. What an apt alternative.

9. Org

Wow! It provides with over 54,000 e-books. What a treat! One has the choice to pick from kindle books or free e-books. Some classic stuff is also available here which you can’t find anywhere else. Many volunteers are devoting their time to proofread and digitalize the content, rigorously. Everything is free of cost though if you want to give donation that’s solely up to you.

10 FreeTechBooks

Students are always in pursuit of getting their hands on free technological, programming, science and computer books. It has it all; e-books to documents, monograms and other study related stuff!


These above mentioned websites are a perfect alternative to’s e-books, and one can wander into their fantasy world through the writers pen by just having a phone/tablet or laptop. Every book lover would be hooked on to these websites, Surely!

Happy E-book Reading!


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