USPS Holidays in 2020 | USPS Federal Holidays 2020

USPS Federal holidays
USPS Federal holidays

USPS Holidays: USPS was not working in the 7 days in a week it takes does not work in Sundays and some days (federal Holidays). Read this article to know the holidays of USPS. Americans use U.S Postal Service to send and receive their mails.

USPS holidays - federal holidays in 2018
USPS holidays – federal holidays in 2018

You can not receive any mails in the USPS Holidays. If a mail is didn’t received then it must be a USPS holiday. In USPS holidays the postal service will not work and you will not receive any posts in that days. The postal service will not work in the Sundays and in national holidays. The dates and months are given in the below table.

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USPS Holidays 2020

The below table shows the USPS holidays and details.

January1New Year year
January15Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
February19Washington’s birthday
May28Memorial Day
July 4Independence Day
September3Labor Day
October8Columbus Day
November 12Veterans’ Day(Observed)
November 22Thanksgiving Day
December 25Christmas Day


I hope this article will very helpful to you to find the USPS holidays in 2020. If you have any doubts regarding this leave your comments below. We are pleasure to help you. if you liked this article share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.


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