Download bombitup: Bombitup is the best prank SMS blast app to prank your friends. In Techola we are going to share the features and give the direct link to download latest version bombitup app.

Bombitup is one of the best SMS bomber app in the internet. Bombitup sends hundreds of spam messages to the targeted people and it is completely free and working without registration. This app make the sender anonymously so bombitup fans are growing and it achieved 1 million downloads.

Download bombitup apk

Read the entire article to download and install SMS bomber apk. Also read our tutorial know how to use bombitup to prank others.

FAQ about bombitup

1. Does bombitup contains malware?

No. We are providing the virus free app.

2. Can I find the sender of spam messages?

No, There is no option to see the sender. The sender doing the prank job anonymously.

3. What is the maximum number of messages can be send by bombitup?


4. Can I protect me from this generated spam messages?

There is a option available to protect your number from the unlimited spam messages.

Before download the app you must enable your phone to allow the application from third party websites. Skip the below topic if you enabled the unknown resources permission.

Steps to Enable the Download Application From unknown Resources

  • Go to settings > mod apk
  • You’ll see the switch to enable/disable application installation from unknown resources mod apk
  • If it is disabled tap to enable it otherwise leave it.

How to download Bombitup

Downloads 100K+
Last updateJanuary- 7 - 2019

Click the below button to start your download the bombitup latest version. After downloaded install it in your phone.


How to use bombitup app

Open this app and tap the three dots on the top left corner.

Navigate to the SMS blast.


Select your country and type the number or pick the number from the contacts.


Type the number of spam messages to be sent and tap bombit to start the SMS bomb in your friend or relatives phones.

Features of bombitup

  • SMS blast (Send unlimited prank messages).
  • Call blast (Call anonymously).
  • Custom SMS.
  • Email blast (send unlimited prank emails).
  • Protection (prevents from this app).

How to protect your number from this SMS blast

Sometimes your friends take this as the advantage and send unlimited SMS to you every time. These messages can disturbs you if your friends doing often so you must protect your number.

  • Open bombitup app and tap the three dots on the left corner.
  • Click protection list.
  • Type your name and phone number and tap protect me button.

How I prank my friends with this app

I use this app with my friends who are sitting next to me. When they playing PUBG I will disturb them by this SMS blaster app (bombitup). He got angry when he died in PUBG mobile game because of many notification.

Use it never misuse it

Well we came to the conclusion. Thanks to the developers who made this app. Share this apk with your friends and relatives about the SMS bomb app. Don’t miss use it this app. Stay tuned with us for next article.


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