Can I use facetime for android to iphone?

facetime for android to iphone
facetime for android to iphone

Can I use facetime for android to iphone? This is the frequently asked question in the internet. The answer is below. There is many ways to make video call between android and iphone.

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Can I use Facetime for Android to iphone?

My answer is no because facetime application is not available on android platform. So the best way is to use the facetime alternatives. Some of the facetime alternatives are better than facetime. There is no way to use the facetime for android and iphone. The best facetime alternatives are given below.

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Best Facetime Alternatives

  1. Google duo
  2. skype
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. imo
  5. WhatsApp

Read more about the facetime alternatives click here.

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I will expect facetime for android and imessage for android will come soon. Liked this article share. Sharing is caring. If you have any tech related doubts ask in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


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