Couchtuner similar Sites – Couchtuner Alternatives 2020

couchtuner alternatives
couchtuner alternatives

Sites like couchtuner: Are you bored in couchtuner? Here is the best couchtuner alternatives for you to watch your movies for free!.

Sites like couchtuner: If you love music then you must know about the couchtuner. It is the excellent movie streaming platform. Almost all the TV shows and movies are available in the couchtuner for free. Couchtuner won’t ask you to register for downloading the movies.

Couchtuner alternatives 2020

If your searched movies is not available in the couchtuner then you need some alternatives to couchtuner. So you are here to get some best couchtuner alternatives.

Sites Like Couchtuner

1. Putlocker

Putlocker - Couchtuner alternatives
Putlocker – Couchtuner alternatives

Putlocker is the excellent site like couchtuner. Putlocker is the popular movie streaming site. Putlocker was blocked by the government always so it changes the domain regularly. Now the domain is When putlocker is blocked in your countru use VPN or putlocker proxy sites to unblock easily.

2. The Dare TV – CouchTuner Similar sites

The dare TV - Couchtuner Alternatives
The dare TV – Couchtuner Alternatives

It is the best one of couchtuner similar sites. It has the tons of movies and TV shows to download. The interference of this site is pretty good when we compared with others. All the videos con be download in 1080p. May be your searched movie is available in this site. This site is well known for the TV shows rather than movies.

The dare TV shows too many ads even we use the adblocker. This site also does not requires any registration to download the movies and TV shows.

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV - Sites like couchtuner
Tubi TV – Sites like couchtuner

The name “tubi TV” is very popular all over the world. Tubi TV just like couchtuner but only one difference that it requires a registration to download the movies.

Without registration you won’t enter into this site and you won’t able to download the movies and TV shows. Unlike others tubi TV is the legal movie streaming site.

Pro tip: You can use the Temporary mail to register.

4. Projectfree TV

Project free TV - Couchtuner similar sites
Project free TV – Couchtuner similar sites

Projectfree Tv is another couchtuner alternative. It allows you to download the movies online. The one disadvantage is the site is lack of good appearance. Projectfree TV looks the site was created in 90’s. The downloading speed was nice when we compared to others. Projectfree is the amazing site like couchtuner.

5. Cucirca РBest couchtuner alternative (For TV shows)

cucirca- Couchtuner alternatives
cucirca- Couchtuner alternatives

Cucirca is one of the best couchtuner alternative so I listed this site in this list. The downloading speed is good. If you are searching for TV shows then I will recommend to go cucirca because this site is well knows for the TV shows not for movies. Like projectfree TV this site also looks like created in 90’s, so it is not user-friendly.

6. Watch Series

WatchSeries- couchtuner alternatives
WatchSeries- couchtuner alternatives

It is also the best site like couchtuner. The watchseries was started many years ago so all the movies can be available in the watchseries. The site looks great and the user-interference is excellent when we use the ad-blocker. To watch movies without ads in the watchseries use the ad-blocker. Thewatchseries has almost all the movies and TV shows. The download speed is average.

7. Netflix

Netflix - Couchtuner alternative
Netflix – Couchtuner alternative

Netflix is the number one movie streaming site in the world and it is used by several millions of people in the world. Netflix is the paid movie streaming site. Netflix costs are not high. The 4K movies and TV shows are available only in the netflix. Using netflix mod apk you can easily use the netflix for free.


These are the best couchtuner alternatives. I hope you have chosen any one of the above. If you liked this article share it with your friends and family members. Let’s start your discussion in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


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