Send facebook messages without messenger: Facebook stopped its messaging service in the facebook application. The messaging process is done by the separate application called messenger. In this article I am going to say about how to send facebook massages without messenger. There are many ways to send the facebook messages without messenger. The ways are listed below.

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Sending Facebook Messages without Messenger

1 Using

facebook messages without messenger
facebook messages without messenger

This is the easy way to send the messages by facebook without the messenger application and it is  done by your browser. The messages are sent easily by this facebook. This facebook is very high speed to browse. The steps to use this facebook is given below.

  • Connect your device with internet.
  • Go to any web browser.
  • Go to mbasic.facebook by click here.
  • Login your facebook ID.
  • Then start chatting.
  • Thats all!!!.

2 Using desktop facebook

facebook messages without messenger
facebook messages without messenger

Desktop is connected by the messenger. So you can do chatting using the desktop facebook. This opportunity is for only pc users. The steps to use fb without messenger is given below.

  • Connect your PC with the network.
  • Go to facebook by click here.
  • Login with your email and password.
  • Then start chatting.
  • Thats all!!.

3 Using Third party App

The third party application like friendly helps you to send the facebook messages without the messenger. With the help of this application you can able to use the read messages without messenger. The link for download friendly for facebook is given as playstore app box and iOS app box.

‎Friendly Social Browser
‎Friendly Social Browser
Friendly Social Browser
Friendly Social Browser
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Using Cydia to send Facebook message without Facebook Messenger

Like the above method it is a third party application that is used to send and view messages without messenger. You can download cydia by click here.


Now you can use the facebook without messenger. My recommend is use the mbasic.facebook. Because it is the easy step to bypass messenger.Share this useful information to your friends. If any doubts arises please leave your comments below. Thanks for reading.


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