How to Download Gif & Videos From Twitter Ultra Fast 🚀

Twitter - How to Download Gif & Videos From Twitter Ultra Fast

If you are a regular user of #twitter, then you must have tried to Download Gif from twitter or even videos. But in case you were not able to Download Gif from Twitter then you are the right place & in this tutorial, we will cover all of the information related to this topic.

Without wasting any type of time, let’s dig into the right thing.

What is a GIF? – Download Gif From Twitter

Gif stands for “Graphics Interchange Format” which is a type of image but it’s a little bit different. GIF is not like JPEG image but it contains visuals in it as any video does. So, GIFs are very popular in the digital world and people love to share GIFs while messaging too.

All famous Social Media Networks also use GIF. I meant to say that all social media networks allow users to share gifs. Recently, Whatsapp also included Gif sending feature while messaging. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Whatsapp etc also use GIFs sending features.

Unlike, JPEG, GIF images use lossless compressions due to which the quality of the image won’t decrease. GIFs support animations and include 256 colours, giving users an enrich user experience.

Technical Details of GIF Images

Latest release: 89a; (1989; 30 years ago)
Developed by: CompuServe
Creator: Steve Wilhite
Types of the format: Lossless compression, Bitmap

Examples of GIFs – Download Gif From Twitter

Below, we are providing some GIFs images to help you better understand that what is a gif and how it works, blah blah etc.


Some Sites to Download GIF Images

Here is the list of few websites to download GIF images for free, plus these websites also allow you to edit GIF images. Moreover, you can also make your own GIF image.

These five websites are super cool if you want to download gifs for free.

How to Download Gif & Videos From Twitter Ultra Fast 🚀

We have already learnt a lot about GIF, but now it’s time to show you the right thing.

Now, I will show you how you can download GIF from twitter and videos too. What you have to do is simply just follow steps provided below:

But make sure you have all of the things mentioned below:

  1. Brain (Even a little bit will work)
  2. Few minutes from your precious time
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Twitter Account
  5. PC or Mobile

It’s enough, now you are ready to Download Gif From Twitter.

Step #1 – Go to This Website Named Download Gif From Twitter

In this step, you have to open this link and it will redirect to ou the twdownload from where we can download gifs and videos of Twitter. After that the website has loaded completely, you will see an interface like shown in the image above.

Step #2 – Copy the link of the GIF Image or Video

in this step, go to your twitter account and open the gif or video that you want to download. See the image below: - Download Twitter GIFS & Videos

That’s how you copy the link of GIF image or Video from Twitter. The example link of URL of Twitter may look like

Step #3 – Paste Link in

Now paste the copied link in the text field of the’s website. After pasting the link, click on the download button coloured blue & wait for few seconds - Download Gif from Twitter

Step #4 – Choose Download Option

After that you have applied the step #3 successfully, you will be redirected to a new page from where you have to choose download type and quality. You can download the video in different qualities such as 720 by 720 or 240 by 240 etc.

Download Gif and Videos From Twitter

Step #5 – For Android Users only

If you are an Android User then you have to do this step too. In Android, when you click on the download button, the video will start automatically.  so, you have to click 3 (three) dots and then save o Android device. Check the image for additional confirmation:

Download link to save in android

Some Misunderstandings for!

You will be willing to know that, do they store status or videos on their servers? Well, the answer is NO. do not store any type of data on their servers. They directly download the files from CDN servers of #twitter.

They are not also affiliated with Twitter.


This guide explains every site on How to Download Gif from Twitter and we also mentioned that you can also download videos of Twitter by the same method too. If you have any suggestions for us then you are free to leave your comment below.


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