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Millennials have had been fortunate when it comes to technology and incessant possibilities of having fun through social media applications, and seemingly, now it has been entailed upon us; and pretty much everyone is fond of this rigorous technological avidity.

If we talk about instant messaging applications, you’ll find abundance of them onto App store and Google playstore. But very few applications have maintained the mark and Kik is one of them. “Kik is an instant messaging application which comprises an ability to bring your family, friends and relatives even more closer to you. One just need to make an account online which is absolutely free. You’ll just need to have a username so that people you know can find you”.

Whereas it runs on android, and one can also easily install it on their Macintosh and Windows PC. Every teenager, adult and even older people are fond of Kik as it offers immense opportunities to interact with various people. Kik too resembles Facebook, and Whatsapp messenger.

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Features of Kik messenger

Kik login
Kik login

If you’re wondering that is it usable enough? Then let me assure you that Kik has got a very comprehensible interface; kik online login is easy and a person who isn’t into the social media stuff can still easily learn it. In order to make an account on Kik you have to install the application from Play store.

  • Kik online login doesn’t require any mobile number or information that you usually provide on different social media applications like Facebook or Twitter. It keeps your privacy intact, and it’s a life-saver for people who want to remain low-key but also want to savor the features of Kik and interaction with their friends.
  • Kik offers sundry features and not merely instant messaging; one can share videos, sends messages, gifs, images stickers within the chat window and for free. You only need to have a secure and strong internet connection or your mobile data to operate this immensely captivating application.
  • As far as friends are concerned you can create groups of friends and talk to them at a time. It allows you to play games withal you can keep on chatting about the latest buzz in the town or around the world.
  • And if you do not want to add an individual and if someone is being nosy you can decline their request or straight off block them.
  • There are many social media applications but none of them offers an incorporated web browser where you can browse the stuff you want to without switching the app. And moreover you can use your Kik code to keep connected with other social media accounts and your friends all around the world.

How to use Kik on PC?

Scroll down to see the tutorial to use kik online login on PC….

It is a cup of cake to download Kik on your cell phones but when it comes to downloading it on a home PC it requires an android emulator as Kik doesn’t run directly on PC. Emulators are useful when you have to run android apps on your computers and compatibility also matters to an extent.

Bluestacks is famous for enabling Android applications to run on computers. So the recommendation is that: Go to and download an appropriate-cum-compatible emulator to run Kik. Previously we shared download bluestacks 3 for windows.

Kik online login
Kik online login

Kik Messenger sign up for PC login Installation steps:

  • Open the Bluestacks website (, and find the latest version of emulator for windows and then download it.
  • Once it’s installed, follow the given instructions and you’ll have to use your Google account as it’s imperative for installation.
  • Once the emulator is installed onto your PC, now switch to your browser again and go to Play store. There search for Kik and install it.
  • Now search the Kik login online page on bluestacks dashboard, and after the installation gets completed on your PC, you need to sign up in ought to cherish sundry captivating features of Kik.

    Kik online login
    Kik online login
  • Search for kik messenger on bluestacks, when kik login screen pops up it will ask you to get register or perform Kik online login. After clicking on the registration button; pop-up will appear and will ask you about certain details.
  • You need to give your first, last name and a catchy username; enter your correct email address, birth date and here you are registered! After clicking on the button.

Kik login online | Kik signup

Registration is the main thing and once you’re registered you can login online whenever you want to; switch to bluestacks dashboard and click on the Kik’s application to login.

  • Click on the login button, enter your username and then password.
  • Click on login to cherish the instant messaging of Kik.

Even though Kik has been loved by everyone owing to its low-key feature and anonymity which is all good if one uses it in an appropriate way to fructify their leisure time; else every things has a bad side and same is the case with Kik if you uses it in a bad manner; or misuses your anonymity to bug others then how to figure out banality?

There are certain “Hacks” to avoid such things:

SpytoApp: It is an amazing tool to spot the user you have doubt on, and you can have an eye onto their unethical activities too. Later you can block them if they’re causing problems.

Kik hack spy: It is one of the tools where you can hack other person’s account and can figure out the activities of the targeted person thereby maintaining anonymity.

Happy Instant Messaging on Kik!


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