The official social network site operated by Google named as Google Plus or Google + is going to shut down in June 2020. Thus there is a requirement for Google Plus Alternatives. All the Google Plus users would be in need of some of the Google Plus Alternatives. No need to worry, as we will provide a few of the top Google Plus Alternatives.

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is an internet-based social networking website offered by Google. Google plus was launched in June 2011. Various features are available in Google Plus. Some of them are listed below:

  • Posting photos
  • Updating statuses to the stream or internet-based communities
  • Instant messaging to multi-person
  • Besides text, features for video chats are also available known as Hangouts
  • Location tagging
  • Event tagging
  • Ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud-based albums

Why is it shutting down?

It is true that Google Plus is shutting down soon. The main reason behind its shut down is that some third-party consumers breached Google Plus security and accessed more than 500,000 users’ personal and private data. A software bug or flaw was discovered that allowed the third-party access to Google Plus. This massacre was reported in March 2018 and henceforth Google decided to shut down all its consumers’ profiles on account of the security breach.

Moreover, due to certain flaws and imperfect compatibility options, Google Plus had a minimal number of users compared to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The engagement of people on Google Plus fell short of the expectations Google had from their official social networking site.

Henceforth, it can be said that both the unpopularity as well as the security breach of Google Plus made Google decide on shutting down Google Plus permanently.

Best Google Plus Alternatives

There are various Google Plus Alternatives, each of which is discussed below.

1. MeWe

One of the most common and top priority alternatives to Google Plus is MeWe. Basically, MeWe is a privacy-oriented social network. In MeWe there are no provisions for advertisements, no user tracking and no data mining.

Through this Google Plus alternative, you can send text as well as graphical contents. Like any other social networking site, in MeWe also you can write blogs, update statuses, create events, upload pictures, videos, etc. The social networking website provides a user-friendly and compatible layout to the consumers or users.

MeWe is highly secured and protected. In terms of safety, MeWe is one of the best Google Plus Alternative.

2. Mastodon

One of the finest and popular Google Plus alternative is Mastodon. Unlike any other social networks, Mastodon is a decentralised one. Anyone can simply host their server node in the existent network. This decentralised feature of the social network provides it with a lesser regulation. Different servers can formulate and establish their own moderation policies and terms of services. From the viewpoint of the features of Mastodon, it is pretty similar to Twitter.

3. WebTalk

WebTalk is a type of social network which pays a part of their income to its Meta users. No other social media platform even pays a single penny to its users, but WebTalk stands out to be an exception in this case.

On this platform, recently a Beta stage is also included. Presently, WebTalk is accepting members through the invitations from an existent user. In other words, it can be said that WebTalk is an amalgamation of the best features provided by Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Diaspora

Diaspora is also a decentralized network like Mastodon. It also shares some common features with Google Plus. However, the most important and exclusive feature is Aspects Tool. It resembles a reimagined version of the Google Plus circles which allows you to organize various people into different categories depending on who they are. While uploading or creating posts, there is an option to choose, with whom you would like to share the respective post.

5. Minds

Minds is a Google Plus alternative. It is the most visually similar social networks to Google Plus. In this social media platform, the posts are portrayed into three columns with contents from groups and people you follow, appearing in the chronological order.

Minds use a Blockchain and the users get paid in Minds Tokens for creating popular websites. These tokens are Ethereum-based.

6. BuddyPress

ss is not like any traditional social network. You cannot sign up or log in easily in BuddyPress. It is a WordPress plug-in that enables customizable profile fields, different content privacy settings and the ability to create smaller micro-groups.

BuddyPress comprises of a private messaging feature and near-endless list of third-party plug-ins for additional features. It is a superior Google Plus alternative.


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