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V-Bucks are a type of virtual currency used in various types of virtual games. People try to acquire free V-bucks for the Battle Royale games. Generally, V-bucks can be used in the virtual world in lieu of real money; however, earning free V-bucks is a tactic which most people try to gather. Free V-bucks can be earned through many free V-bucks providing websites. V-bucks are highly used in games like Epic Battle’s Royale Game. In this game, by using V-Bucks a wide range of cosmetics and accessories can be purchased.

Earning free V-bucks for Fortnite is quite easy. Using free V-bucks will help you buying cosmetics and relative accessories for the Battle Royale Games. In fact Season 7 Battle Pass for Battle Royale game can also be bought using the V-Bucks. There are various ways to earn V-bucks on Fortnite. Some of them are briefly described below.

What are V-Bucks in Battle Royale games?

How to get free vbucks
How to get free vbucks

As discussed above, V-Bucks stand for Virtual Bucks. It refers to the virtual money used in different virtual games. Battle Royale Games are one of the types of game that makes use of the virtual currency so as to purchase varieties of attractive cosmetics and accessories. These currencies help you to buy the in-app purchases of the games. The cosmetics and accessories bought through V-bucks in the game will help you to add an exclusive look to your 100-player king of the hill scrap.

How to Get Free Vbucks 2022

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Need for earning Free V-bucks

So as to add an exclusive and flamboyant appearance to your avatar and associated troops, V-bucks are very much needed and required. Basically, the more attractive and powerful appearance you provide to your avatar and troops, it gets easy for you to win over several hard battles. The cosmetics and accessories add strength to your battling capability and also enhance your looks. However, due to the high expense of real money in purchasing V-bucks, people often fail to update their cosmetics and looks. So, to eradicate this problem, we provide varieties of methods for earning free V-bucks.

How to earn Free V-bucks in Battle Royale Games?

The easiest way to earn free V-bucks is by attending daily quests in Battle Royale Games. By performing the daily quests approximately around 50 V-bucks can be earned at free of cost. However, this amount of V-bucks is really less to buy any commodity or cosmetic. So, some other sources of earning free V-bucks must also be present so as to purchase higher and better cosmetics and accessories. Following are given some of the ways to earn free V-bucks for Royale Battle Games:

  • Sometimes, login rewards comprise of free V-bucks of huge amounts. These V-bucks make you eligible for many rare cosmetics, XP boosts, evolution materials, etc.
  • Fortnite provides different timed missions which also offer a large amount of V-bucks. After completion of the missions, the rewards for these timed missions can be claimed. The missions get renewed after every six hours and you can get different rewards for different missions.
  • Main Questline missions on Fortnite comprises of various Storm Shield Defense Missions after every tenth quest. On completion of these Defense missions, you can earn up to 100 V-bucks and Skill Points as rewards.
  • There are some side quests and events presented by Fortnite, completion of which can make you earn several free V-bucks, weapons, XP boosts and many other incentives and accessories. Most of the side quests are repetitive in nature, hence facilitating the chances of earning more V-bucks. Also, some quests provide V-bucks to earn Battle Passes.

How to avoid scam free V-bucks hacks?

How to get free vbucks
How to get free vbucks

Many websites are present on the internet which claims to provide free V-bucks by using some hacks, cheats or generator codes. Such websites will ask you to create an account on their webpage and after answering some survey questions, they will claim to provide you with unlimited free V-bucks. However, such websites are not for real and in the process, they actually steal your personal credentials and trick you to click on some malicious ads. This later tends to cyber crimes. Whereas, the free V-bucks offered by Fortnite does not possess any cheat codes or other shortcuts. They provide you with authentic free V-bucks.

So, you must be aware of such malicious websites and report it as soon as you overcome one.

Uses of free V-bucks in other Fortnite games

How to get free vbucks
How to get free vbucks

Like Royale Battle Games, free V-bucks are also used in the game of “Save the World PvE” to purchase Loot Llamas. These Llamas will reward you with great heroes, defenders and schematics to implement weapons and traps.


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