Top Fortnite players: Are you looking for top 5 best fortnite Streamer, Here is the list of best fortnite players 2019 for you. 

Top 5 fortnite players: Today we are going to share some of the best fortnite players in the world. Fortnite is developed by the epic games in 2017. It just like the Player Unknown Battleground developed by tancent games.

In every match in the game selects the 100 players randomly and  the selection is not depends upon the player’s achievements. the game drop all the players in a island. The last man withstand in the game is the winner of the game. Now fortnite mobile game came and unfortunately it works in high end mobiles and new mobiles. lets we move towards our topic “best fortnite players“.

Best Fortnite players

1. Kingrichard – The Best fortnite Player

Kingrichard is the best and placed number one in fortnite world. All his match was above 30 kills. He was born in america at January 11, 1989 and his age is now 29. He was now currently teamless.

In twitch he had above 1 million followers and in youtube had not much popular when we compared to others.

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2. Ninja – Fortnite Legend

Ninja is the most popular and best fortnite player. He had mass followers both twitch as well as in youtube. Ninja is my favorite fortnite player because his matches are interesting.

Ninja is the most followed person on twitch. He usually upload daily one video on youtube and stream fortnite on twitch for above 5 hours per day. His fortnite name was ninjas hyper. He is a fortnite celebrity and he had lot of fans. ninja won many fortnite and PUBG tournaments. After he won he usually plays the song called pon pon song.

Ninja gives his money that he earns by playing fortnite to the homeless people. This shows ninja is very good person so he had lot of followers.

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3. Dakotaz – Best fortnite player

Dakotaz is another best fortnite streamer. He had more than 2 million followers in twitch and in youtube also he had above 2 million subscribers. He is well known for his sniper skills. Check out his latest video below.

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4. Daequan – The squad killer

Daequan is another popular fortnite streamer. He usually plays solo vs squad bacause it is very interesting and very hard to play. only the fortnite pro players can win the solo vs squad match. He had more than 3 million subscribers on youtube. Check out his video on youtube.

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5. CouRageJD – Best Fortnite player

CourageJD is one of the best fortnite pro player. One time he played with the squad of he and three 10 years old kids and that match he wins with the kids. He did not consider himself as a pro fortnite player. He had not as much followers in the youtube.

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Final Verdit

These are the best fortnite pro players 2019. Ninja had many followers when we compared to others in the above list because he is the real fortnite hero and his talent.

Hope you guys liked this article. Also share this with your friends who wants to find out the best fortnite players 2019. Let’s start your discussion in the below comment section about the best fortnite players. Thanks for reading.


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