Easy Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes – No Survey 2023

Free Xbox Live Codes

Last update: January 2023

Are there any legit ways to get free Xbox live codes?

Yes! There are a lot of simple and easy ways by which we can get Free Xbox Live Codes at a glance.

In today’s post, we will cover the topic “free Xbox live codes” and all questions related to this topic. Moreover, we will also share with you a Free Xbox Live Codes Generator that is absolutely free and works mostly.

We will be sharing the legit ways which will not require any kind of survey to get free Xbox live codes in 2021.

What are Xbox Live Codes & Why do we need them?

There are two types of Xbox. One is the Xbox Live free but the other one is Xbox Live Gold which is not free and you have to purchase it.

But, if you don’t want to waste money on gaming but you are a gamer too then you must need a way to get this subscription for free.

Purchasing Xbox Live Gold provides users with tons of features which free Xbox don’t provide. Following are some features of Xbox Live Gold:

  • Free Games Giveaways: Microsoft provides Xbox live Gold users with free games every month. Users can download games and enjoy for free.
  • Online Multiplayer: Gold users can enjoy multiplayer mode which boosts your gaming experience.
  • Discounts: Gold users are provided with crazy discounts for games, add-ons and accessories. (Up to 75% Off)
  • There are much more features which we are not discussing right now.

Best Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes without any Survey

Below, we will discuss the top ways to get free Xbox live codes without any survey or other bullshit. Just follow steps provided by us and keep patience to avail free Xbox live codes.

1. Free Xbox Live Codes Generator – No Survey

Free Xbox Live Codes

This is a free Xbox live codes generator by NoHumanVerification (Blog) which mostly works. There are thousands of Xbox Live codes generators on the internet and 99% of them are a scam and won’t work. They just ask you to complete a survey but in return give you nothing.

But this generator works and also, you don’t have to complete any type of survey or any other task which proves that it is legit.

Go to this link for accessing Free Xbox Live Codes Generator:


2. Free Trial for Xbox Live Gold Membership

You can get Xbox Live Gold membership for free as one month trial at zero cost. But there are certain steps you have to follow to get this trial:

  1. Create a Microsoft Account (if you don’t have one).
  2. Go to Subscriptions Page.
  3. Select Gold – 1 Month Free Trial and click next.
  4. Now, add a credit card. Ask your parents if you don’t have one.
  5. Enter all Billing details and other information for 100% success.
  6. Now complete the next basic steps to avail this trial.

Now, you have successfully got Xbox Live Gold Membership but for only one month.

Also, make sure to cancel the trial before one day of completion of the trial. If you don’t do this then regular charges will start deducting from your Credit Card.

3. Reddit Giveaways

free xbox live codes

Reddit is also called the homepage of the internet and contains a lot of useful information if you can find it. There are several communities (subreddits) on which do giveaways on daily basis. Some of them are dominated for only Xbox Live Codes. There are tons of users who got Xbox LiveGold Membership for free from Reddit communities.

Below, I am mentioning some of the communities from where you can find Free Xbox Live Codes:


4.  Keep an Eye on Trial By Microsoft

Sometimes, Microsoft officially allows free trials for its users. It can be for specific users or all users.

Microsoft also provides Free Xbox Live Gold Membership trials with some games.

You can read the official guidelines provided by the Microsoft on this webpage.

5. Try Apps & Different websites

There are several apps which give you free Xbox Live codes by performing simple tasks such as solving captchas, watching video ads and some other stuff.

There are also some websites which sponsor with Microsoft and give you free Xbox live codes by completing short but real surveys.

6. Bing Rewards

Bing is a search engine like Google. bing is owned by Microsoft & they have a reward program. You can sign up for Bing rewards and get points by surfing the web and searching by Bing.

It will only work for you if you have plenty of time to surf on Bing online. You can redeem those points to get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership.


These were the best, easy and legit ways to get Free Xbox Live Codes. You should know that the internet is full of scams. There are thousands of Free Xbox Live Codes Generators present online but don’t try them. They ask you to complete a survey and in return, you don’t get anything.

We would love to read your feedback from you.

If you have any question to ask, then you are free to comment below.


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