On YouTube, you can see a lot of people getting famous by simply posting videos on things that they enjoy doing. You can also give it a try by sharing videos on the things you are good at doing. It will be a rewarding experience even if you are not making money with your videos.

Watch Other Popular Vlog Videos

The first step is to watch videos on other related vlogs and analyze the details that they include. For example, what video background they use, how they make the intro interesting, what music they are featuring in the video background, and the average length of the video. You can write down the likes and dislikes of each video. Watching the videos of other popular vloggers can give you some inspirations in making your video channel. However, you should not attempt to copy their style.

Get Ready the Equipment

If you want to have a vlog, you got to have a video camera or a smartphone that can record video. The camera should be able to capture a quality video in full HD 1080p. Sometimes, the camera microphone cannot pick up your voice clear enough. In this case, you will need to get a dedicated sound recorder. You also should get a tripod so that the camera can stay still while you are filming the scene. In addition, you should also invest in the background if you don’t have any nice background to show in the video.

Be Original

If you want people to watch your vlog, you have to provide tips that other people don’t yet have in their videos. Many entertaining videos are famous so you should try to be funny and talkative in your hosting style. If you look bored, people will immediately switch to another video. The most important thing is to relax, be yourself and you will be able to shine in your personality in the video. Don’t try to act someone else because your audience will find out that you are putting on a fake persona.

Create Videos that Your Audience Wants to Watch

When creating a video, you need to ask who your audience is and what kind of content they want to watch. You can ask your audience to give feedback in the comments. Interacting with the audience in the comments allow you to build a relationship with them and create a loyal following.

Edit the Video in a Video Editor

Before uploading a video, always edit it first in a video editor. You will have to insert the SD card into your computer or use a USB cable to transfer the video files. If it is a big video like MOV, you will have to compress it to a more efficient format like MP4. Before compressing, you will need to edit the MOV video. You can use a video editor like Movavi Video Editor to both compress and edit the MOV video. When editing, try to keep the vlog to 2 – 5 minutes. YouTube now has a rule requiring you to verify your account with phone number if you want to upload a video that is longer than 15 minutes. Get more details at https://videoeditor.com/how-to/how-to-edit-mov-files.

You can move the red marker and click on the scissor button to cut the clip in the timeline. The red marker can also be dragged to select a portion of a clip that you want to delete. If you click the gear button, you can edit the audio settings such as volume and speed. To add a transition style, you need to drag it to the clip and double click on it to edit it in the preview pane. The same procedure applies to the text and callouts that you add to your video clip.


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