8 Kissanime Alternatives to Watch Anime For Free in 2019

Kissanime Alternatives

Ever heard of Kissanime? Yes, you might have heard!

Kissanime is the leading website to providing millions of anime to watch for free on the internet. it is one of the most famous anime streaming sites. But nobody knows what happened to them and the site just closed and the shut down their services.

Anyways, we will not go to depth in it. What we thought that viewers loved Kissanime but now there is no Kissanime. So, we decided to make a list of best free Kissanime alternatives so that users can enjoy anime again.

What is Kissanime?

Kissanime is probably the best free online anime streaming website. This website came up with a lot of user-friendly experiences such as simple layout, easy to navigate, comments system and ratings etc.

But since some time Kissanime gote some DMCA copyrights or something like that which caused it to be shut down.

Now, users find it hard to watch anime for free and they want some Kissanime alternatives. That’s why we had made this post and had organized a list of some best Kissanime alternatives.

Before visiting any website, please make sure that you have turned on your Adblocker.

8 Top Kissanime Alternatives to Watch Anime in 2019

In this post, I will share with you the best alternatives for kissanime and you surely will love the list.

1. Masterani.me – Watch, Track, Anime for Free

If we talk about the Masterani.me, then it would be probably the best alternative for kissanime. This site has some awesome cool interface similar to Netflix. The site gives us options to customize our search terms. The site also posts series here and it has a lot of categories such as Movies, OVA, TV & ONA etc.

Kissanime Alternatives

2. Gogo Animes.co – Watch Anime Online

Gogo Animes is a good alternative to Kissanime. This site contains thousands of anime shows and series etc. They are featuring a lot of genres to select one. The site also has a membership feature.

Kissanime Alternatives

3. AnimeHeaven.cc – Watch HD Anime Dubbed & Subbed

Anime heaven would be a great choice if you want to watch anime online. This site has very simple functionality so that’s why we added it to our list. The site has a simple homepage where new episodes are featured. The site also posts cartoons and movies. There is a plus point that they have added a menu in their header from where you can navigate easily.

Kissanime Alternatives

4. Animerush.tv – Watch Anime Online Free

Animerush is one of the best anime streaming sites. The interface is very easy to navigate and interact. The website publishes anime shows and anime movies. They provide a list of all movies and shows on their website so you can easily find your desired show or movie. Animerush also have a Surprise me section where the feature a rare show or movie. They also have a forum for questions and answers.

Kissanime Alternatives

5. Aniwatcher.com – Watch Anime Online

What I found about this website is that it is just awesome. It has a large database of Anime. They are providing a lot of anime shows and movies. Moreover, they have arranged their website in such a way that the user can navigate to any type of anime or category by just one click.

Kissanime Alternatives

6. Animepahe.com

Nothing is simple more than Animepahe. Animepahe doesn’t come with a lot of customizations and options and that’s why that it is here in our list. You can just simple browse between the pages of website to find your favourite anime or you can search in the search bar.

Animepahe - Kissme Alternatives

7. Kissanime.ac – Watch Anime Online in High Quality

Kissanime.ac has proved to be one of the best kissanmie alternatives. It is an exect copy of the original KissAnime and it’s better than the original. It has an advanced search option and also provides member registration option. They als prove the entire list of animes available on their web. Moreover, you can also request or report any anime.

8. HitAnime – Free Anime on Android

Android users will love this part. Yes, this is not a website instead It is a Android App which provide huge databases of free anime. Let’s check out it’s features:

  • Creative Design
  • Huge Database
  • Multiple Servers
  • Fast Release
  • Safe & Secure
  • Auto Update
  • 55000 Episodes

  • 500 Movies
  • 2500 Animes

Kissanime Alternatives

BONUS – AnimeVibe.xyz – Search Anime

This is an awesome site which I just found when I was browsing through a subreddit of Reddit. This works like a search engine and you have to enter your desired Anime name and it will show you the results.

Kissanime Alternatives


We suddenly have discovered a site called kissanime.cool that is injecting viruses to every one visiting their web. This website shows on the first page of google when we search kissme anime. Please Don’t use this website!


These were the best list of KissAnime alternatives and we will keep this guide updating. All these sites provide Full HD quality Anime and moreover all are updated. If you find any site better than these then please leave your suggestion in the comment section below.


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