In the last few years, probably a decade or so, videos have reached the zenith of their popularity. After YouTube became a trend, and people recognized the potential of the same, videos were reconsidered for the kind of value that they could add to a brand. In fact, most creators on YouTube were experimenting with videos, whether it was creating or simply editing the existing ones.

This gave rise to a culture- one that was about to take the world by storm. Currently, creators, marketers, social services, etc., concentrate a large part of their campaigns on videos, making this an industry valued at billions of dollars.

However, there is a catch. Not all videos are as good as their colleagues! Not all videos make it big in the market. Only a handful does while the rest fades away into a bottomless abyss of databases. If you follow YouTube or Instagram with a keen eye, you will be inclined towards a few creators. One of the main reasons behind that is their video intro.

What is a video intro?

Before we dig deep into the world of video intros, it is important to understand what they are.

Video intros are the very short trailers at the beginning of a video, which introduces the content to its viewers. You have definitely seen one on YouTube or Instagram. In fact, if you are an aspiring YouTuber, you might have wondered about the various YouTube intro makers who create the magic.

Things to remember while creating video intros: As easy as it sounds, intros require a little more conscious planning than we would like. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Your intros should never exceed the 7-second mark: Keep your intros short- 5 to 7 seconds long. Not shorter than that, and definitely not any longer.
  • Make your intros as catchy as possible: Flashy intros work the best. But more importantly, make it catchy. It should stick around like an earworm.
  • Make sure your intro contains the key takeaways from your video: Always talk briefly about the key takeaways from your video- maybe show them the end result before you proceed to show the journey.
  • Your intros should represent your brand: Never forget to plugin your brand name and logo. This makes your intro brand recognizable through your videos.

Why do you need a video intro?

There are plenty of reasons why you need an intro to your videos. Here are some of them.

  • Video intros attract your audience: If your intros are catchy, your viewers are bound to stay. On the other hand, if your intros cannot capture your audience’s attention, you are likely to lose a few of them instantly. It is a make or break deal with intros.
  • Video intros provide details about the video topic: Your intros act as trailers to your videos. They introduce the kind of content you are about to provide, to your viewers. Hence, giving them a reason to spend a few minutes on your video helps them stay back and watch it.
  • Video intros help your audience set their expectations from you: A well-crafted intro makes your audience expect a lot from you. As a creator, you must know that when your viewers expect you to do great things, they will also keep an eye out for what you are creating. A top-notch video goes down the drains if your intro cannot entice your audience.
  • Video intros are essential for branding: Intros, after a point, become synonymous with your brand to your regular viewers. They associate a constant intro, or a special kind of intro, with your brand. This is immensely helpful if you are trying to build a brand of your own.

How can you design a video intro?

Video intros are not rocket science. Hence, you can do it with considerable ease.

  • Introduce yourself briefly: While making a video intro, make sure to introduce yourself. It doesn’t have to be a proper introduction. It can just be your picture or a slogan that you associate with your brand. It should be something short and sweet!
  • Include your brand logo or name: Do not forget to flash your brand logo and name. Of course, do it so that your viewers enjoy the show, but make sure it sticks with them, as your branding should make them think of you as it would suit your aesthetic and personality. This will help them come back to your videos over and over again.
  • Add a hook: Hooks entice your audience and increase their curiosity about your content. Adding a hook in your intro makes them more likely to watch the entire video.
  • Include a brief glimpse of the chief takeaway from your video: This is more like the hook mentioned above. Including a brief glimpse of the final product makes your viewers more curious about your video.

Here is one more thing that required mentioning. Outros. These are the short clips that appear at the end of a video. Needless to say, you must have noticed these too and wondered about outro makers. Don’t we all! You can edit them as same as intros, but with the feel of your video ending and attaching a call to action, like making viewers like your video and telling them to subscribe to your channel.


Creating a good video with content that your target audience will find relatable is of utmost importance. However, to ensure that the viewers watch your video, your intro must be catchy while also adding real value to the content of your video. Once you achieve this crucial balance, there is no stopping you!


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