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Download safari for windows: You love safari browser but you have windows PC! No worries here you will find the safari version for windows and its interesting. Keep reading….

Safari is the best browser for browsing and all the purposes and it beloved by all the apple users and windows users who used the safari browser. The browsing speed in the safari is very high and still none of the browser beats its performance.

Technology has grown well in the world. In earlier days if we have any doubt we used to ask to the people who know about the stuff, now everything is changed we search our questions to the search engines like google in the web browser. Without the browser the there is no internet in the world. The web browser plays an important role in the growth of internet. The first web browser is nexus.

Safari for windows

Safari was launched by apple Inc at 2003. It was designed for the iOS and macOS devices and it is the default browser for the iphones and ipads like chrome browser for android.

Earlier apple launched the safari for windows which was full of bugs and crashes often. But now they fixed all those bugs. I know you are waiting for download safari on windows.

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File nameSafari.exe

How to install and use safari on windows 10/8/8.1/7

Follow our steps to download and install safari. Screenshots included for better understanding. We would like to share this tutorial in your social media.

  • First you need to download the safari.exe file by clicking the below link.
  • After downloaded double click the downloaded file to open it.
  • Click next at the first window and agree the terms and conditions on the next window.

    Safari for windows
    Safari for windows
  • If you want safari as your default browser check it otherwise leave it. Uncheck the bonjour for windows and update safari automatically and click next.

    Safari for windows
    Safari for windows
  • After clicking next button it gets installed on your PC.

Click desktop icon to open safari browser. Here is the screenshot of safari on windows.

Safari for windows
Safari for windows

The above screenshot says that it is working well and it has no bugs.

How to install safari on mac

By default safari is already installed in your mac. If you deleted safari accidentally follow our steps to download and install safari on your mac.

Safari for windows
Safari for windows
  • Go to¬† and download the latest version of safari browser.
  • Click the download button from that page and install it.
  • After installed open the safari browser and enjoy surfing in the internet with great speed.

Best safari Alternatives for windows

Here are the best safari alternatives for windows PC, have a look about it.

There are some of the best safari alternatives available on windows. Rather than using the safari on windows use these alternatives on your PC to enhance the browsing in the web.

1. Google chrome

The google product google chrome is the best browser. In its latest updates the developers made a lots of changes and make the google chrome performance near to safari. The browsing speed is very fast and the download speed was dead slow. We recommend to use IDM (Internet Download Manager) to increase your download speed five times faster. This is the best safari alternative in my thoughts and all the users thoughts.

2. Mozilla firefox

Firefox is also a very good alternative to safari. Probable you can not find any best browser with best downloading speed and best browsing speed like firefox and it the major competitor for google chrome. Don’t have mozilla forefox¬†

Check this link to download it:

3. Opera browser

If you want to download a big file or videos we recommend to use opera to speed up the download. We tested the IDM vs opera, at finally we found that opera is near to IDM speed. It is a wonder that a browser download speed was near to IDM.

4. Microsoft edge

Edge is a microsoft product and it one of the best safari alternative. Users saying that in the latest updates they found new and useful feature in it.


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