Have you bored with eBay or something missing on ebay here are the best ebay alternatives for selling products online!.

E-bay has been a famous name in e-commerce with over 171 million users who are active and as far as items are concerned there are 1 billion items listed, despite e-bay and Amazon’s mind-boggling services and reliability people also want to give a chance to other e-commerce sites like these. There may be many reasons including expansion of their business and monotonous.

Best ebay alternatives

Here we have come up with e-bay’s alternative sites that serve the same purpose. These substitutes will suit people according to their respective needs.

1. Amazon

It is renowned for being e-bay’s biggest competitor despite comprising a clear difference you just cannot mention both without a comparison. Amazon doesn’t follow e-bay’s auction style, which is why Amazon is an ideal for new stuff. If eBay users want to try a change then Amazon should be their foremost choice.

2. Etsy

People who are up to hand-made stuff here is good news for you, since you can join Etsy to sell your hand-made stuff, if you want to give a go aside e-bay. It’s a viable marketplace which focuses on handmade stuff, vintage goods, and crafts. No electronics are being sold here. It serves craftsmen niche perfectly. Aside e-bay and Amazon, since 2005 it has flourished equally and created a mark in the e-commerce industry.

3. Rakuten

Previously, known as buy.com and now rakuten is a great choice for international e-bay sellers to go for. Rakuten is known as “Amazon of Japan” and 90% of Japanese internet users are registered on rakuten. Amongst rankings, it comes in top 3 e-commerce companies in the world. As per internet retail rakuten has proven to be the best retail website. In the beginning I might seem unsettling, but eventually process gets smooth and simple.

4. Newegg

Forbes has called it the “Geek-favorite electronics retailer”, and it’s also the second largest retailer in the US.” Computer and electronics-driven stuff is all in here for geeks. Being like Etsy it also caters specific type of e-bay seller. Considering your niche, you should go for Newegg and start making profit!

5. Bonanza

It is certainly e-bay’s active competitor, in fact if you Google alternative sites like e-bay, Bonanza’s ad will surely pop-up with its tagline “Better than e-bay”? Bonanza is very famous amongst every day seller and that is why being loved by individuals all across the world. It has won many awards with a number of complaints too. Main issues are from buyer’s side than sellers. But aside this it’s great alternative of e-bay.

6. eBid

Despite not having a big marketplace it was recently ranked 9 in ecommerce bytes, “Sellers choice 2017 Marketplace Ratings”. Low fee is what attracts the sellers on eBid. It yields profit in spite small market place. If you’re looking for e-bay’s alternatives then eBid is no less and also promotes auction style selling, like e-bay is famous for. You can find almost everything on eBid.

7. Ruby Lane

It is another marketplace which is flourishing with unusual pace; and that time is no far when Ruby Lane would be amongst top rankings famous for its vintage goods. Merchants consider this marketplace profitable and yielding in unimaginable ways; people who love vintage and love to play between such antique goods should give a go to Ruby lane; most imperatively ruby lane doesn’t take any commission on any top sales, already making it people’s favorite.

8. Alibaba

Sounds already very familiar, yes Alibaba which has already taken over and made its place amongst wholesale marketplace really well. Alibaba caters majority of Asian countries, though they server across the globe. Alibaba helps both buyers and sellers from each other across 40 various product categories, comprising hundreds of millions of products. Alibaba is surely for a wholesaler who whilst maintaining their business in Asia, wants to cater international audiences too.

9. eCrater

It comprises two pivotal sides: an online marketplace and free web store builder. Like Amazon it also deals with every possible category: from electronics to clothes, from tools to music and food etc. They claim and advertise that their products get submitted to Google shopping, making it easier for you to import your e-bay products to this site. eCrater is new and fun to go for.


It’s about time one gives a chance to the above mentioned marketplaces, keeping aside e-bay. With different marketplaces and tactics we can cater a vast audience and could achieve better results and profits. Key to the knock is to target a specific audience and then think of expanding this business. Keep selling and buying!


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