How to Screenshot snapchat Without Detected (simple way)

Snapchat screenshot without knowing
Snapchat screenshot without knowing

How to screenshot snapchat: Snapchat detects if you take a screenshot normally. Here is the 100% working way to screenshot snapchat without detected.

Snapchat screenshot: Welcome to For more privacy and security, snapchat introduces many features. The snapchat screenshot notification comes in the feature. Today we have to break the notification by screenshot snapchat without knowing them😃.

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How to screenshot snapchat without detected

Using the airplane mode you can easily screenshot snapchat.

  •  Go to the content(snap of your friends).
  • Turn on the airplane mode in your phone.
snapchat screenshot
snapchat screenshot
  • Take a screenshot of the content in the snapchat.
  • That’s all.

When the airplane mode is on there is no internet in your phone so you are viewing the offline page of the snapchat. The offline page can be screenshot.

The another method to screenshot snapchat is by using another phone😂 So use this method.


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  1. Hi Godwin,

    Excellent man. You are a genius. You have shared a very handy tip. Now we will be able to screenshot snap-chat screens very easily.

    Appreciate your time and effort you must have invested in this post. Have a good day. 🙂


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