How to use Tinder without Facebook: Here is the guide to use tinder without facebook in a simple way. Tinder no facebook!.

Tinder without FB: Tinder is the best dating app in the world. Tinder has the huge audience all over the world because of its excellent features and audience. Tinder uses the location based searched that helps you to find anyone nearby. Here I am going to explain how to use tinder without facebook which is still working.

How to Use Tinder without facebook

Tinder is available for android and iPhone. Day by day the downloads are increasing. If you want to make your facebook account not linked with the tinder follow the steps below.


Tinder is the king of the dating app. It was started by the Sean Rad and his team members at 2013. At the first tinder has no audience so they stop the tinder development. he created tinder when he was in school days. After some days tinder was very popular and it becomes trending.

Now tinder has the 1 billion users all over the world. The features of the tinder looks great. For the privacy and security tinder needs a facebook account to sign in. Without the facebook account you can’t not login to tinder.

A dating application not only needs the good features, it needs good privacy and security to the users then only people can use the application so tinder is being worth and popular. According to Wikipedia tinder was producing the 12 million matches per day­čś«.

Why Tinder is linked with your facebook?

Tinder is linked with your facebook account to prevent abuse. Fake tinder ID can’t be created.

Why tinder is not linked the tinder with facebook?

Sync Facebook posts

Tinder will automatically sync your posts from facebook.

Sync Facebook friends

When you linked the tinder with facebook account your facebook friends are in the tinder can see your dating.

These are the issues when you linked the facebook account with your facebook so you have to use tinder without facebook.

How to use Tinder Without Facebook

There are two ways to use tinder without facebook. You can choose anyone of the ways to

1. Disconnect Tinder from Facebook (Tinder no Facebook)

When you disconnect the facebook with tinder, tinder can’t access your facebook. Follow the steps below.

  • Go to facebook.
  • Go to settings as given in the below screenshot.

    Use tinder without facebook
    Use tinder without facebook
  • Move to the apps and websites section.
  • There you’ll find the apps and websites that are logged in with the facebook.
  • Click tinder (view and edit). In my case it is twitch.

    How to use tinder without facebook
    How to use tinder without facebook
  • Change the visibility to only me.

    Tinder no facebook
    Tinder no facebook
  • That’s all, Now your facebook friends can’s see that you are in the tinder.

2. Using the Temporary Mail

You can create unlimited facebook accounts using the temporary mail services. They will provide unlimited mail IDs.

You have to create a new facebook account with the temporary mail. With the help of the new facebook account you have to login with tinder. Follow the steps.

  1. Go to This link [Link].
  2. The website creates a temporary mail address for you.

    Tinder without facebook
    Tinder without facebook
  3. Using the mail address you have to create a new facebook account.
  4. Skip the mobile registration.
  5. After you sign up the facebook using the temporary mail you’ll receive a OTP to confirm your mail address.
  6. Confirm the OTP.

Now your facebook account has been created. Using this facebook account you have to login into tinder. You just leave or use the facebook account created by temporary mail. hence tinder no facebook is achieved.

Disclaimer: Don’t use this method for abuse. If you use this method in a wrong way we will not be the reason.


These are the ways to use tinder without facebook. I hope this guide will helpful to you. If you liked this guide share it with your friends and family members. These are the working methods to use tinder without facebook. Comment your views below. Thanks for reading.


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