Where iPhone users cherish its quality features and this inclination of iPhone users fosters the developers to bring even more ease to its users. Videoproc is software being used widely by iPhone, Macbook users for processing 4K videos and High-Definition videos. They can easily edit, resize, and decode 4K/HD videos. But what is the thing which differentiates it from other processing softwares? There are lots of things which differentiate videoproc from Mainstream video converters which comprises limited functionalities; whereas videoproc offers incessant functions that an iPhone user can only imagine of and covers all the modules like phenomenal editing, up to the mark resizing, perfect adjusting, aside video encoding and decoding.

It utterly stands out amongst other usual video editors and converters as it process videos in a simple manner without consuming much CPU storage and with 47X faster speed owing to its level-3 hardware acceleration. One doesn’t need to have mind-blowing video editing skills to use this amazing software, but it’s just so usable that any novice could get their hands on it easily without getting bemused.

Videoproc yields outstanding results and the convenience of video processing derived from iPhone, GoPro, digital cameras, digital camera, drone, baby monitor, etc; moreover recording videos from screen capture/iPhone/webcam devices, not only this but video fragments being downloaded from facebook, twitter and UGC sites with proper authorization concerns and copyrights.

Despite iPhone users fixation for their phones there is a downside to everything so how come iPhone remain afar from it?

There are video related issues that iPhone users frequently face and those are:

Format/Codec: its inability to play MKV, FLV, AVI videos on iPhone, and it has completely failed to play 4K HEVC iPhone videos on other devices and further inability to import iPhone HEVC, VBR videos to premiere.

Video Size/ length/Aspect ratio: Users waste their crucial hours over uploading 4K, High-Definition videos to YouTube and mostly videos exceeds the length limit of video sites; for example the distortion of videos on Instagram as Instagram display 1:1 whilst iPhone takes video in 16:49 or 4:3 and plays videos that is non-standard aspect ratio.

Video Editing: It is onerous and not very usable to edit videos on iPhone. Complexity to edit videos on iPhone is for real. Moreover the struggle to export 4K 60fps videos after editing process on iPhone. This is not the only thing it gets slow or sometimes stuck whilst video editing. No efficiency and stability.

Video Resolution/Quality: A high definition turns into worst definition quality after being uploaded on YouTube. Shakiness and noisiness on the video image and moreover videos that are shot at night shows up as blurry and dim.

Videoproc a Savior for iPhone Users

Basic Editing:

Videoproc edits, processes your large 4K HD videos from iPhone, iPad. It can trim your video clips, merge them, moreover rotate, flip, change aspect ratio and most imperatively applies various video effects.

Professional Editing:

It comprises some next-level advancements, stabilizes your shaky videos and to our good luck it removes background noise, can take snapshots, makes GIF, helps us remove fisheye distortion, A/V sync, addition of watermark, colors, and amazing audio adjustments. It can brighten not only your video but day too! Increase and decrease the speed from 0.1x to 16x, etc.

Transcode Videos:

This enthralling software does almost everything to provide an iPhone user with good experience. It fixes compatibility woes. One can play iPhone HEVC, H.264 on PC/MAC, Android and Television. 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats. It Transcode MKV/AVI/MP4/FLVWMV etc to iPhone HEVC, H.264. It can make iPhone’s ringtone (m4r) and moreover downloading videos and Transcode to mp3 for iPhone.

Resizing Videos:

It has the mind-blowing ability to change frame rate, iPhone 60fps to 30 fps etc. One can adjust video settings, adjust bit rate, can change video resolution, upscale and downscale video; And cut/trim/crop video, changes video codec.

Moreover you can upload, share and keep a backup by:


You can upload it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.


It can be done by the means of E-mail, whatsapp, text etc and watch on any media.


Through Cloud, Hard drive, USB and computer.


  • It is 47x faster
  • Bewildering and powerful abilities in processing: 4K, high frame and large videos.
  • It has no compatibility issues as it goes with every format. Supports to decode and encode HEVC and VBR videos.
  • Thankfully Immensely high video quality.
  • One-stop Processing tool promoting integration of various features from bouts of softwares.
  • Fully efficient basic and professional editing and processing tools
  • Intuitive UI and usability.
  • Stability in operations, no stucking or inefficiency.

Downloading and Website link: https://www.videoproc.com


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