Searching for free Virtual credit card providers? , Well you are in the right place. We are going to share the best free virtual card provider sites.

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What exactly is a virtual card?

  • It is not as similar to the real credit cards, there are several factors which come in to play when comparing a virtual card with a real credit card. The limitations, transactions are much less in a virtual credit card whereas the numbers are quite more in a real credit card which is eventually good.
  • A virtual card cannot be used for all kinds of e-commerce transactions. However, it is probably made for the online transactions. But, still, there are very fewer e-commerce companies which tend to accept payments through a virtual credit card.
  • When it comes to features and benefits there are much more in a virtual credit card than a real credit card. The exchange rates become hassle-free, you don’t have to run to the banks for any information or queries regarding the virtual credit cards. You can easily get to avail the online international transactions without any kind of legal processes, paying the foreign business dealers gets easy and safe.
  • Yes, usage of virtual credit cards are also safe up to some extent, you can easily reach out to your credit card company through online or a helpline number, which makes it much more hassle-free and time-saving. If you are planning to have one virtual credit card then there should be a strong motive and reason otherwise its vain to have one.

    Best free VCC provider sites
    Best free VCC provider sites

There are several virtual credit card companies in the market but not all of them tend to provide the best possible service for the users. So, in this blog, we have shortlisted some of the best credit card companies which tend to have a reliable and reputed service all around the world.

1. Payoneer

It is an online, global service provider for all kind of cards such as Master Debit cards and various kinds of virtual credit cards. When you tend to enrol for a service form this company you can expect great and responsive service offered by the officials in the company. If you own a virtual credit card then you can also link the card with your Master credit card through some documentation in the Payoneer application itself.

Over all, it is an online, international service provider which is probably linked with various e-commerce websites and features easy and hassle-free payments over transactions and purchases.

For more information: Visit official website

2. Netspend

Yes having a virtual credit card from this company is free and this company also tends to provide debit cards such as Master and Visa which is also quite impressive. This company is all new and tends to have a name in the market of the finance business because of their exceptional service.

However, just like other finance companies in the market, this service provider tends to charge a small amount as a commission after every single transaction made by the customer.

For more information: Visit official website

3. American Express

It is one of the leading virtual card providers in the world. This company is not just like any other ordinary card provider in the market, the algorithm of this company is made much more beneficial for its users. Basically, the more amount of transactions made by the users will tend to give points or rewards to the users which have some exciting prizes packed in it.

Being one of the best in the business it tends to tie up with a lot of multinational e-commerce sites and provide great deals over products and purchases.

For more information: Visit official website

4. Neteller

It is also one of the secure and renowned companies in the world which tends to provide huge offers for their customers through their virtual cards. The most amazing fact about this company is that it has a tie with one of the best companies i.e. PayPal and Skrill. The transaction limits are also unlimited which is quite impressive on its own.

For more information: Visit official website

5. Bank Freedom

Bank freedom is another reputed company in the market which tends to provide exceptional service all around the globe. One of the most beneficial features of this company is that they don’t avail any annual or closing charges on their customers. One can easily opt for their virtual card service without any hassle, the service response is impeccable and always helpful to the customer which is why the demand is quite higher.


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