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Free Fire is popularly being used and is one of the most played games on Android and iOS devices. This survival category game is highly addictive with its amazing graphics display, earned this game rights to be listed in the top 3 popular games in 2020.Free Fire is to an increasing intent being used and is known to be the most used game on Android and iOS devices. This survival-class game is interesting with its astonishing graphics display, making this game included in the top 3 popular games in 2020 as we earlier explained.

 In Free Fire Battlegrounds there are gadgets and weapons that can be acquired by ransacking buildings and buildings, acquired from water drop which is dropped from the plane so that they can have the equipment to be able to kill opponents while the game is playing. In addition, needed weapons and items can be added to your ammunition by purchasing them using diamonds.

If you are out of diamonds and need to top up, it can be gotten by buying them with real money.

Tips & Tricks

You have started playing Free Fire, have completed a couple of matches, but are you still having difficulties in some parts of the game? Don’t worry – that’s completely normal. We were all beginners at some purpose and also the solely thanks to becoming a “master” is to apply the maximum amount as you’ll be able to. It is potential to create this journey easier by following some tips. This is what this guide is regarding: allow us to assist you to become the king of the island by providing helpful tips & tricks about Free hearth.
Cosmetics Do Not Matter But Characters Do Cosmetic things like t-shirts, pants, and hats are just that: cosmetic. They do not provide any advantage in terms of gameplay to your character. Yes, they will build your character look cool however this is often not AN MMORPG and your competitors won’t admire your outfit: they’re there simply to kill you. Since cosmetic things area unit oversubscribed in exchange for Diamonds, the in-game currency you can buy with real money, and do not provide any real benefits, go easy with them.

Characters, on the other hand, are different. They do provide an advantage. There are 8 characters in Free Fire and you get two characters for free, Adam and Eve, are “unlocked” right from the start. However, they need no “stats” and supply no blessings. They are free to play heroes.

The other six characters offer the following benefits:

  • Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload
  • Misha – 2% faster-driving speed
  • Ford – four-dimensional lower injury whereas outside the safe zone
  • Andrew – 2% less vest durability loss
  • Kelly – 1% increased sprint speed
  • Olivia – Revives other players with +6 more HP
  • You can unlock these heroes with in-game currencies, diamond (real money) or dollars.
  • (Although, Misha can only be purchased via diamonds.)
  • Note that these stats keep rising as long as you keep levelling up your character. For
  • instance, the character known as Andrew starts with 2% less durability loss. It is
  • possible to increase this value up to 10%, by levelling up your hero and completing in-
  • game achievements. Ford in this scenario is an excellent hero for an advanced end-
  • game strategy which has the need to apply the clever use and knowledge of safe zone
  • borders. Read up on Advanced Tactics Guides for more information about this.

It Turns Red For A Reason

You have probably noticed that your sights turn red from time to time, just for a couple of seconds. Well, there is a reason for that: It means there is an enemy in front of you and if you pull the trigger when the lights turn red, you hit him. This applies each to aim mode (which you activate by pressing the proper mouse button) and regular mode. When your sights begin to glow red, pull the trigger – it is a visual clue that you can hit the enemy. It doesn’t guarantee that you simply can score, for example, a headshot, but it guarantees that you will damage your opponent. If you’re having hassle shooting your enemies, watch out for this visual clue.

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FɾҽҽFιɾҽ Dιαɱσɳԃʂ Gιʋҽαɯαყ Fɾҽҽ!

Frequently asked questions about Techola Freefire Diamonds Giveaway

How to get diamonds if I won?

Well its the common question when you seeing our website because we don’t know the users information and we don’t collect the users informations. So We collect the mail of the winners and mail them with a secret code. The user need to message us on our Official facebook page (Techola). Our staff will reply shortly and send you a freefire diamonds.

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No, We treat all the users equally so don’t think about this. Everyone in the world can participate our Giveaway.

How many Winners

10 Winners per week.

Can I participate every week?

Yeah sure you can participate every week by visiting our website every week and come to this page and fill the entries.

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Full Throttle

Vehicles area unit is good for moving quicker whether or not you’re escaping from a firefight or making an attempt to succeed in a selected location, use a vehicle. However, vehicles should be used only during the This is because a moving vehicle is you literally putting a target point at your very own vehicle and this tells everyone where you are and when you’d move.  In the beginning, when everybody is fighting against each other, your opponents won’t even observe a moving target. Nonetheless, when there are only a few players left, using a vehicle is a very bad idea as it will attract attention easily

Other tips:

  • Do not stand still
  • Combat Is Not The Answer to Everything.


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