Last update: July – 01- 2020

There are several sites like that gives free diamonds in the freefire game. Here in techola we will share the guide to get free UC by the site.

Freefire battle royale –

As we know freefire is the battle royale game. There is 100 players in a match and the 100 players are droped in a island and the weapons and vehicles are in the buildings of the island. The playzone will shrink so the players wanted to stay inside the playzone. The players will fight each other with the weapons when they saw. The last man in the game is considered is the winner of the match.

What is the use of diamonds in freefire

The diamonds are the virtual coins in the game freefire. We can buy any skins in the game to make our appearance better than others. The diamonds are not free in the game because the game developer’s income was the diamonds. We can get the free diamonds for freefire easily by the sites like, and Those sites are the free diamonds generators. We can easily generate thousands of diamonds free with just a click.

How to use site

  • First click the below link and enter into the original site.

  • Enter your freefire username in the respective place and click connect button.
  • Choose the amount of diamonds and coins in the boxes and click continue.
  • After you taped the continue button it checks that you are a human or not. You can prove that you are the human by completing a survey or by downloading any applications.
  • After you downloaded the applications leave the freefire battlegrounds hack (free doamonds by ).
  • Thant’s all, check the diamonds in the game.

Finally you got free diamonds by site

I hope you got the free diamonds by this method. We tested this trick and we shared in this article. Our writers reserched about this topic and wrote this article. If you liked this article then don’t forget to share with your friends and family members who love freefire game. keep visiting techola for lore latest updates from us.



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