Last update: July – 01- 2020

Why you still buy the diamonds for freefire game when the sites like are available?, Here in Techola we will show you the step by step guide to get free diamonds for freefire via site.

Freefire battle royale

The name it was a battle royale game. Now a days we people don’t want to play with the bots. With the arrival of the battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG and garena freefire, the gaming world and environment changed. In the battle royale games we can talk to our teammates and play together.

Like other battle royale game in Freefire the 100 players are taken in a aeroplane and drops in a island. We have to find the weapons in the buildings and killing the enemies. Sometimes we kill the enemies and take the weapons from our teammates­čśü if we dont have any enough loots. The playzone will shrinks automatically so we have to he inside the playzone. The last man in the island is considered as the winner of the match. In an average a match has 30 minutes.

Advantages of Diamonds in Freefire

Diamonds are the game points in the freefire game and it was not free. We can buy several items skins, gun skins and much more items in the items shop with the diamonds. This makes our appearance pro because the opponent and our random teammates thought us a pro player with our appearance.

When the arrival of site Everyone can get free diamonds in freefire with a single survey. So that’s it why you waiting lets get into the article.

How to use

This generator works 100% for all the players so lets ready to get instant 999999 diamonds.

Step -1: Go to site by click the below link.

Step:2: Enter your Freefire username and select the number of diamonds and coins which you want and tap the generator button.

Step – 3: The site owner does not likes bot traffic so you have to verify that you are a human by downloading any application.

Step – 4: Complete the steps by them and check your diamonds in the freefire game.

Finally you got unlimited diamonds with

Thus you followed all the steps I mentioned above. If the diamonds is not added then retry the human verification and check whether the username is correct or wrong. Leave your comments in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.



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