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Searching for Free Fire MOD APK? If your answer is yes, then you’ve landed on the right page because today I am going to share the APK and OBB file of Free Fire MOD Game and a guide on how to install it properly on your device. So without wasting time anymore, let’s get into it-

PUBG Mobile has changed the world of the mobile gaming industry. Almost every third person has experienced multiplayer shooting games because of PUBG. Peoples became crazy for it, but the thing that hurts many smartphone users is the constantly growing specification requirement for PUBG Mobile. I still remember when PUBG Mobile was launched its size was somewhere around 700 MB and now its size is 2.5 GB if you download all the maps and gaming modes PUBG offers.

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Though it’s not necessary to download all the maps and gaming modes but still the base size of PUBG Mobile is somewhere around 1.9 GB. A normal smartphone with 2 or 3 GB of RAM can’t handle it properly, and the majority of smartphone users own devices with this kind of specification.

Another thing that PUBG Mobile team is avoiding is fixing bugs. I understand that it’s not easy to solve these bugs because there are so many factors responsible for it. But instead of working on updates of new maps and stuff, they should have to work on fixing those bugs. Because of this reason, I’ve seen many peoples moving forward to try Garena’s Free Fire, which offers the same gameplay with fewer specification requirements.

It is the main advantage that makes Free Fire a prior choice for the peoples using budget smartphones. Garena Free Fire offers similar gameplay to PUBG Mobile but with a bit less attractive graphics. Now I am not saying the graphics are worst, but if you’ve played PUBG or COD Mobile on a higher-end device, you might feel it a bit bad.

If we talk about the gameplay, then in this game you can invite your friends to play along with you. You can make a team of two persons or four persons. Unlike PUBG, in this game, the maximum number of players in a battle is 50, which is not bad. All of those players fight for their survival to ensure they win the match.

In the game, you need to jump off from the helicopter with your team, and from there, it all begins. You need to loot weapons, ammo, grenades, and health recovery items. And get into the fight with your enemies to eliminate them to become the lone survivor of the game.

Because the gameplay is competitive, I’ve seen many peoples searching for Garena Free Fire MOD APK, and that’s why today I am going to share the latest MOD APK of Free Fire. It is based on the latest version of Free Fire so that you can enjoy all the latest features offered by Free Fire. Before getting into the download portion, let’s talk about the features offered by the Free Fire.

Features of Garena Free Fire Game

Online Multiplayer Game

It is a multiplayer online game which allows you to get connected with your friends and enjoy the game at most. You can also create strategies to eliminate the opponents and become the winner of the match.

Best in class graphics

Freefire mod apk download
Freefire mod apk download

The developers have worked really hard to provide the best realistic graphics they can. They are constantly working on providing the best graphical experience to their users in the least amount of size. The graphics make the gameplay much more engaging and enhance the overall experience of playing a virtual battle royale game.

Technically Rich User Interface

Technical User Interface of a game means how the controls in a game and settings have made for the users. If we talk about the Free Fire, it comes with the easiest control set that can be customized according to your need. The ease in control system ensures that anyone can enjoy this game even without having technical knowledge.

Interesting Gameplay

The gameplay is not only restricted to a shooting or action game. To make the game much more difficult and interesting, the developers have introduced the concept of the blue zone and air strikes. You need to stay inside the shrinking circle; otherwise, you’ll gradually lose your health, and the air strikes can eliminate you if you get under it.

Extensive Library of Weapons

The game comes with an extensive library of a variety of weapons. This library contains all weapons from Sniper to Assault Rifles, Handguns, Throwables and so on. Also, since it is an online game, all the weapons have different functionalities like recoil and power. If you want to master the game, you need to learn the pattern of every single weapon.

So, these are some of the best features of Garena Free Fire. But these are the only features that its official app offers you but since we have MOD version of this game, let’s talk about what additional feature we have added in this Free Fire MOD APK.

Features of Garena Free Fire MOD APK

1. Unlimited Diamonds

Freefire mod apk
Freefire mod apk

Diamonds works similar to BP in PUBG Mobile. To make in-game purchases for buying stuff like clothing and other things that enhance the appearance of the character, you need diamonds in Free Fire. In this MOD, we have unlocked the unlimited diamonds so that you can make unlimited purchases without an issue.

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2. AutoAim or Aimbot

Freefire mod apk
Freefire mod apk

Now whatever you call, it doesn’t matter because it works similarly. In this MOD version of Free Fire, you get an Auto-Aim feature that you can enable from the settings. With the help of this hack, you can automatically fire directly to the enemies without facing recoil issues. It also has a headshot function that you can enable, but I will suggest you use that only when snipping otherwise you can be detected as a cheater.

3. Unlimited Garena Shells

This MOD APK also has unlocked unlimited Garena Shells which you can use as currency in the game. You can use them to buy premium creates, weapons skins, and many other premium things like Royale Pass. Though I won’t suggest you to overuse this feature as it can lead you to ban your gaming account.

4. Unlocked Characters

Free Fire provides ten different character sets to set your appearance in the game. Though you can only choose between two of them and the rest are only available once you purchase them. But in this Free Fire MOD APK, we have unlocked all ten character sets so that you can use them in game.

5. Get AirDrop Weapons Instantly

With the help of our MOD application, you can get equipped with the powerful weapons that only comes in the AirDrops or AirSupplies. These weapons are very strong, and if used with our Auto-Aim, it will ensure that you’ll become the last person alive in the game.

6. Double Jump and Climb Walls

with the help of this MOD, you can enhance your jumps by double, and you can even climb up on the walls with it. It will make your enemies confuse, and spotting you will become very tough.

7. Remove Fog, Trees, and Grass

You can also remove the Fog, trees, and other obstacles to spot your enemies faster. The earlier you spot your enemies, the better the chances you can kill them first.

So, guys, these are features that we have added in Free Fire MOD GAME APK. Below is the download link of this MOD APK and OBB file. If you don’t know how to install and setup this APK and OBB file, don’t worry; because I have made a short tutorial for you on how you can install it. I’ve added that below, just after the download section.

Download Free Fire MOD APK

How to Install Free Fire MOD APK and Setup OBB File

  • First of All, download the APK and the OBB file from the download section.
  • Before install the app turn on the “allow system to install third party apps” in the settings. After that, click on the APK file and process the installation process. Simply go through the general technique of Next, Next, Next, and Install.
  • After successful installation, close the game and go to the folder where you’ve downloaded OBB file.
  • Now move the OBB file to the Android/OBB.

That’s it. Isn’t it is a very easy process?

Now you can enjoy the features this Free Fire MOD APK offers. If you still have any questions, you can shoot them in the comment section below and Our team, and I will try to solve your problems ASAP.

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Final Verdict

After the huge success of PUBG Mobile in the Mobile Gaming Industry, Free Fire is also ready to rock. Though it lacks some features that PUBG and CoD Mobile offers but because it has a very less device specification requirements, it can be a good choice for those who own a low or mid-range smartphone. This MOD is packed with so many great features that you can use to win every single game, but I won’t suggest you to overuse these features; otherwise, you might end up to your account ban.

However, enjoy this Free Fire MOD and share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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