Nothing beats the good old fashioned gaming PC when it comes to performance. A smartphone allows you to play anywhere and anytime. Certain games these days, PUBG, for example, have a mobile version of them along with a PC version. Both can be fun depending on your preference. Regardless of the platform, you are using to play games; it is undeniable that they require time to play.

PC games still have a strong established fan base

Hardcore gamers of different age groups all over the world are known to give preference to the PC. And there is a reason for this as a personal gaming computer allows you to experience the game at its fullest. Provided that it has up to date hardware, you can explore the gaming worlds in their full beauty on ultra settings. A vast majority of the e-sports professional gaming scene also revolves around PC titles. Partly because, historically, most of the competitive titles were played on PC with small exceptions such as the Halo series which was a massive success on console. The second reason is the sheer amount of games that still use this platform and have remained loyal to it throughout time.

On top of that, mouse and keyboard make a great combination that has unmatched precision in good hands. This opens a lot of potential for competitive play. A smartphone’s touch screen is a great tool… but not for gaming. It just does not have the same feel and precision as a mouse and keyboard combo. Also, at their current stage of development, gyro controls on a smartphone are also not precise. At times this can make gaming a less enjoyable experience due to not being able to land skill shots.

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How mobile phone games have been catching up and narrowing the gap

Over the last decade, smartphone technology has experienced great improvement. Gone are the days when mobile games were limited to simple titles such as “Snake” or “Bounce”. It may not be news that some old PC titles can be played on a smartphone, take GTA San Andreas, for example. But how about multiplayer competitive games that require an internet connection? A first-person shooter  PUBG Mobile is an example of such a game. Over 200 million people around the world have this game on their phones. Around 30 million people play this game daily! This rivals another PC FPS title, Fortnite, which is also a battle royale style game. It has around the same number of players as PUBG mobile. A mobile game that is more popular than a PC game of the same category is a rare phenomenon.

Judging by the statistics of just one game, it is easy to see that mobile games are getting increased popularity. The numbers show astonishing results when it comes to the number of daily players of PUBG Mobile. But how many of these players are students? Statistics show that 12 percent of PUBG players are students. Since the game has a 16+ age rating, it means that the other 88 percent of players are likely above 22 years old. The question still remains. Which platform do student gamers prefer, PC or phone?

What if students enjoy multiple platforms simultaneously?

Rarely does a person limit themselves to playing only one game. An average hardcore gamer has around five games that they enjoy delving into simultaneously. Even streamers are known to play and stream a wide variety of selections. As it turns out, several games are extremely popular among students. Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends, are among them. These titles are limited to PC, and each has around 800 thousand people playing the game daily.

So who will prevail at the end of the day?

The mobile gaming industry is growing exponentially by the month. However, PC remains a more popular gaming platform for students as it offers more gaming options, higher graphics, and most importantly, a larger player base over a variety of games. Smartphone gives you an ability to play some games on the go, however, a PC, although limited to one location, allows for greater immersion. How long will PC dominate the gaming scene? Only time will tell.



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