How to Work With IP Address or 192.168.1oo.1 login login

Last update: December 2020

Are you having the router with IP address 192.168.100?. If you are trouble to work with the IP address or 192.168.1oo.1 . Surely this article will help you how to work with the

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IP address are used to login into the router and change the settings of the router. Read this article fully to know how to login and work with the Normally the new router comes with the default username and password. If you wish to secure your router then you must change it. With the help of the IP address you can login into your router.

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The is called private IP address. The range of the is to You can change the IP address within the range. It is easy to change anything in the router now a days.

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How to login Router Having IP Address (Updated)
  • Connect your router and PC.
  • Open the browser and type the below address in the search bar.

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  • Now the login page of your router will opens.
  • Login with your default username and password if you are the new user. If you are a old user then use your username and password.
  • Now you are entered into the dashboard of your router.
  • Thats all!!.

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How to change the IP address of

  • Go to the advanced settings or wireless settings and type one of the IP address in the range to
  • Thats all!!.

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I hope that this article helps to login into the router. If you feels trouble to login into the router leave your comments below. If this article helps you share it to your friends and family members. Thanks for reading.


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