How to Post on Instagram From PC (2 Ways)

Instagram for PC
Instagram for PC

How to post on instagram from PC: Instagram is made to work in mobile than in PC. In PC some features are not present. Don’t worry, We found a trick to post on  Instagram from your computer.

It is far better and easy to posting your photos and videos on a social media by using mobile phones. Almost all the social media apps and websites are made to work on both mobile and in PC. Instagram lags in this features, When you login to instagram in your PC(browser), You can just view the news feed in the instagram. You can not post or send a Direct message on instagram from PC. Don’t worry we found a working method to post on instagram from PC.

How to Post on Instagram from PC

There are two methods to post images and videos to instagram from PC. Let us discuss the two methods. 

1. Using Emulators

Thanks to the emulators because it brings all the features that are found in mobile to PC. It brings the real experience of using instagram on mobile. Direct message is also available by using emulators. We recently shared the best emulators that you must use.

We recommend to use the bluestacks or nox emulator to use instagram on PC.

Download bluestacks 3 for windows

Using Bluestacks:

After you installed the the bluestacks download the instagram app from the google play store.

How to post instagram on PC
How to post on instagram on PC

Well, After installed Sign in with your instagram username.

let’s start to uploading photos on instagram.

2. Changing to mobile site

This method needs no software like emulators. Just you login into the instagram in the browser and follow the below steps.

Step – 1: Go to in the browser(recommended google chrome).

Step 2: Right click anywhere and click inspect.

How to post on instagram in PC
How to post on instagram in PC

Step – 3:  Click the mobile button on the top right corner.

How to post instagram on computer
How to post instagram on computer

Step – 4: Reload the page the mobile site is not loaded properly.

How to use instagram on PC
How to use instagram on PC

Step – 5: Click the plus button to upload the images or videos that is to be posted in instagram.

Post instagram on PC
Post instagram on PC

Step – 6: Choose the image is to be upload.

That’s all!.


These are the working methods to upload photos or videos to instagram on PC. If you liked this article share it with your friends and family members who needs this trick. Don’t forget to follow our facebook page. Thanks for reading.


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