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Did you want to view private instagram account of anyone? Today in Techola we will show you the some of the killer ways to view or see private instagram account.

When you hear the word ‘Instagram’ something pictorial pops-up onto your mind; where one can post their pictures by applying sundry mesmerizing filters to his pictures, not only this you can crop them, edit and adjust them in unimaginable ways. That’s not the end since Instagram’s Story is the most popular amongst every feature it offers; Story vanishes within 24 hours and gives an individual incessant features like Text with various hues, pictures adjustment, tagging your cronies, adorable filters, and video uploading.

Instagram has given its users with the right to be completely private with their lives. If someone want to remain low-key and choose their account to be private then it’s solely up to them if they want to compromise with their privacy; on the other hand there are individuals (read celebrities) who cherish social interactions and people too want to see the pictures and newest happenings taking place in the lives of their favorite celebrities then going for a public instagram is the best choice, otherwise not. In that condition your privacy turns out to be at stake, automatically.

But there are times when you want to stalk some private Instagram profiles, but how to view their private instagram profiles? Well, don’t be anxious since it’s not a rocket science or an onerous thing to do; one can easily get to see someone’s private instagram by using some unvague solutions. There are two ways to approach a thing: Appropriate and inappropriate. Intervening into someone’s privacy isn’t recommended but in case it’s imperative to choose this illegitimate way of viewing someone’s instagram profile then there are sundry ways like:


If you’ve fallen for someone or you want to be friends with that person then you can easily search that specific person by his or her username and send them request; that’s solely up to them that whether they want you to be their friends or not. If they’re not approving your request then you can direct message them on instagram and could negotiate about your stuff. Perhaps they have forgotten you and recognize you after reading that message and accept your request. Since instagram users have the right to unfollow or block you straight after witnessing any inappropriate happening. So if you’re new in their friend-list then be appropriate and considerate about your postings.

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Here is the some other killer ways to view private instagram

1. Search their Username

Instagram private account viewer
Instagram private account viewer

This guideline is humdrum and mightn’t get you very satisfying results but giving it a go will yield certainly some of your desired outcomes. If your crush/ Ex is on instagram then just search their profiles, copy their username and paste it on Google images based search engine; there are chances that the person you’re stalking might have shared those pictures on some other sites too while going private on instagram and the traces of those stuff you can find here. Flickr, Facebook and tublr are the most common instances of this scenario. This method won’t take you to their private account and daily happenings but it merely some more photos that you didn’t have or seen as yet. Then why not?!

2. Various Instagram Viewer Sites

How to view private instagram account
How to view private instagram account

Whilst surfing on the internet to find different ways to view your crush’s instagram profile you will be struck by many catchy options like: “WatchInsta”; “InstaSpy”; and “Private Instaviewer”, and every site if offering the same notion: that is too be able to view private instagram’s profile. We do not recommend these disreputable sites; they claim to be giving you access to private instagrams for free but that is a scam! Since when you start using these sites they ask for your credit card or other payment methods. Their originality is not known to anybody and we cannot recommend these sites knowingly. Stay afar from these websites.

We don’t recommend you to try the above method. We know how harmful the third party apps are. These apps/website can able to hack your instagram account so try with your own risk.

3. Uncanny and less inappropriate method

“Fake ID” This is the most common recurrent modus operandi. Make a fake account on instagram and sent request to that specific person you want to know or adore secretly, then it’s the best illegitimate way to approach his/her. “We do not recommend even this method to view an instagram account”; but since every cloud has a silver lining” you can utilize this way for better use especially If you’re a parent then you could also opt for such methods to view your kid’s profile and keep an eye on his wrong-cum-right doings; his friends/following, like and dislikes.

Steps to make an account and make it look less fake

Firstly make another account on instagram and pick up an appropriate female picture to come up as more reliable. Never go for male option since that will not be accepted by the other person and you will waste your time.

Upload some real stuff not cringe-worthy things on your instagram profile. You can also opt for making your fake account a private one. Choose the best possible demeanor.

And after doing this all the account you’re after if still not accepts your request then directly message them and tell them in an appropriate way that you like their account and want to follow them. Consent is all what matters after all, and we also agree on that!


“Last but not the least we do not promote any such thing or violation of anybody’s trust and also recommend you to avoid making a fake account at any cost especially if you people had a past; this will only worsen the things. Be real and support communication and being social but never be a bully or an individual who causes torment to others by intervention unwantedly. Consent is everything!”


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