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Best Root Apps 2020: We root our phone to use the root apps because in unrooted phone the root apps aren’t working. Read our collection of the best root apps 2020.

What is Rooting Android Phone?

Rooting means breaking restrictions of your phone made by the developer. Rooted android phones have more features like deleting system apps, emoji changer, iOS keyboard changer and much more with the root apps and one of the interesting thing is rooted phone is more faster than the non-rooted phones.

What is the restrictions made by the developer of your phone?

The very good example for the restrictions is uninstalling the system apps like google play store. In samsung the apps like galaxy apps, samsung internet and lots of samsung apps are installed and they can’t be uninstalled. These unused system apps uses more RAM space so the speed of your phone is decreased.

Best Root apps
Best Root apps

How to root Without PC?

Rooting with computer is very tough to work and needs a expert to do this job. Also rooting with PC sometimes fails and takes more time. When we comes to root without PC the rooting apps like kingroot helps to root without computer.

We would like to read our tutorial to root without PC. Make use of the tutorial to root your phone without PC successfully.

Best Root apps 2020

These are the best root apps 2018 which you can use in your rooted android phone.

1. Superuser – Best Root App

This is the most popular root app. Every rooted phone must have this app. It acts as the security guard of your phone. If you rooted your phone with the kingroot or some other rooting apps then the superuser is not installed.

Root apps
Root apps

Superuser grants the permission to the root apps in your phone to do the work. It is the trusted app. Many users roots their phone to install the superuser. If you grants the permissions accidentally you can disable the permissions easily.


Superuser is not available in playstore so don’t go to the playstore to download.


2. Titanium backup – Best Root app

Root apps
Root apps

Titanium backup allows the users backup any installed app in your rooted phone and save the apk file in the separate folder. The another best use of the titanium backup is uninstalling the system apps. This app is very useful to the samsung users to uninstall the samsung apps. Click the below button to start download.

Titanium Backup (root needed)
Titanium Backup (root needed)
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

5. VPN tethering – Best Root App 2020

If you used the VPN in your phone then there must be a problem to tether the internet via wifi. Without the VPN tethering you can’t tether the internet, So it is one of the useful and recommended root app in the playstore. I rooted my phone to use this app.

4. Greenify – Best Root App

Most of the users has the battery draining issue in their phone. The solution is to download and install the greenify app and stop all the background application in your phone to resolve the battery draining apps. You must installed this app if you rooted your phone.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

5. Lucky Patcher – Best Root Apps

Welcome hackers and gamers, this app is made for you!. Lucky patcher removes the in-app-purchases in any app and do much more things with the lucky patcher.

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Many kids root their phone to install the lucky patcher because they loved it. The another use of lucky patcher is it allows the user to block the unwanted ads in any apps of your mobile easily. It is also the popular root app.

6. GLtools (Paid but reliable)

GLtools is used to optimize the gameplay and graphics in the android. Using GLtools you can make the particular apps to show your device was the some other device.

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For example: Fortnite came for android for the high end devices. If your device is not supported then use the GL tools to show your device as some other high end device to the installer application. I am playing fortnite mobile by this method😁.

7. ES File Explorer

It is the best file explorer in the play store and it works only in the rooted mobile. Still none of the file explorer beats the ES file explorer and it is my favorite file explorer. Also share your files everywhere and access your remote files.

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It stands in the first in the most downloaded root apps in the playstore and everywhere.

ES Datei Explorer
ES Datei Explorer
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free+

8. Xposed framework

Did you heard about the custom ROM in android?. Well instead of using the certain custom ROM apps use xposed framework. This app was developed by XDA developers. You must use this app if you rooted your phone.


These are the best root apps which are in the play store and some other websites. Hope we will meet you soon with the new article. keep visiting Techola to get more tips and tricks on the internet. Thanks for reading.


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